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  1. FILE PHOTO: Women's World Cup - Group D - Japan v England

    Football: Former women players to join new research into dementia

    Former female professional soccer players will be included for the first time in research into possible links between heading balls and dementia ...
  2. BC-WELL-DEMENTIA-ART-NYTSF -- Seeing a parent go through dementia brought out the worst in the auth

    My mother’s dementia made me a better person – and my dog agreed

    Seeing a parent go through dementia brought out the worst in me, and showed me how to do better after seeing my beloved 16-year-old Jack Russell ...
  3. family christmas meal

    Commentary: Ask seniors with dementia about past holidays. It could trigger happy memories

    Family members can connect with their loved ones with dementia by encouraging them to discuss memories across their lifespan, say two experts.
  4. Frailty age related muscle loss seniors weights training dumbbells

    Commentary: High-intensity exercise does more than improve your fitness

    Exercises helps the brain grow new neurons in the hippocampus, which improves memory, says an expert.
  5. senior citizen in wheelchair, with caregiver - singapore file photo (1)

    Commentary: As dementia develops, some seniors retreat to their first language

    First-generation migrants who develop dementia may find themselves unable to communicate with their own children, should they revert to the ...
  6. Person on a rowing machine

    The right kind of exercise may boost memory and lower dementia risk

    Being physically fit may sharpen the memory and lower our risk of dementia, even if we do not start exercising until we are older.
  7. Elderly couple holding hands

    Commentary: When memory fails in old age - the fight for independence, well-being shouldn’t be a lonely one

    Comprehensive dementia care requires an integration of community and home-based support, say Duke NUS Medical School’s Centre for Ageing Research ...
  8. old elderly woman

    Commentary: Living with dementia, anguish and guilt plague families caring for loved ones

    Families often learn to adapt to new physical needs, but are ill-equipped to deal with the emotional resolve the condition demands, says Melissa ...
  9. Stella and mother

    Missing items, temper tantrums and life shifts: One woman’s journey in caring for her mother-in-law with dementia

    With one in 10 seniors above 60 in Singapore suffering from dementia, CNA took a look at how one caregiver handled the situation when her ...