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  1. Lien Foundation Hack Care book

    Lien Foundation launches book with 'hacks' on caring for persons with dementia

    The visual catalogue – cheekily titled Hack Care – is styled like an IKEA catalogue, replete with more than 50 tricks to make the home a ...
  2. MCI Dementia Willam at day care - Rummy O

    ‘Help’s out there, just ask’: How dementia day care helped, when grandpa kept getting lost

    As a family, they’d pulled together to look out for grandpa when he developed dementia – but still, there came a day caregiver Geraldine Lim ...
  3. New Content Item
    Media playtime

    Ep 4: Dealing With Dementia

    Preston Lim, computer scientist, faces the greatest challenge of the series as he struggles to find tech solutions for a granny with dementia who ...
  4. running in a park

    Commentary: Tai chi ought to be encouraged – it's not just the physical health benefits

    Taichi is suitable and safe for people of all ages and abilities, says an expert.
  5. FILE PHOTO: Women's World Cup - Group D - Japan v England

    Football: Former women players to join new research into dementia

    Former female professional soccer players will be included for the first time in research into possible links between heading balls and dementia ...
  6. BC-WELL-DEMENTIA-ART-NYTSF -- Seeing a parent go through dementia brought out the worst in the auth

    My mother’s dementia made me a better person – and my dog agreed

    Seeing a parent go through dementia brought out the worst in me, and showed me how to do better after seeing my beloved 16-year-old Jack Russell ...