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  1. Elderly parents health check screening

    Commentary: Opening earlier and more - some senior care centres in Taiwan take service to new levels

    New innovative concepts in Taiwan promote dignity and compassion in old age and senior care, says SUSS’s Sng Hock Lin.
  2. Budget 2018 file - elderly 3

    Faster and easier application process for Lasting Power of Attorney from August

  3. New Content Item

    Caregiver depression tied to more ER visits for dementia patients

  4. Headphones hearing loss deaf

    Music playlists could help dementia patients

  5. Eiichi Okubo speaks to his wife Yumiko who has been suffering from dementia, near her care house in

    Commentary: The hidden strength of those caring for loved ones with dementia

    Caring for someone with dementia is stressful but can be rewarding too, says University of Liverpool's Warren Donnellan.
  6. File photo exercise

    WHO issues first advice on dementia: Exercise and don't smoke

    The World Health Organization published its first guidelines on the prevention and management of dementia on Tuesday, putting physical activity at ...
  7. elderly stock pix

    Nearly 3 in 4 persons with dementia in Singapore feel ashamed, rejected: Study

  8. A man wearing a respiratory protection mask walks toward an office building during smog in Beijing

    Commentary: Air pollution may be making us less intelligent

    It is not known what exactly that is causing damage to our brains, but we could protect ourselves from pollution by reducing or avoiding them, one ...