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  1. Shanmugam in parliament

    Changes to drugs law based on evidence, not softening of stance: Shanmugam

  2. Robert Lloyd Schellenberg

    Canada warns of China travel risk after death sentence to citizen

  3. crime judge gavel file 4

    Drug abuser who punched wife until she fainted gets jail, cane

  4. File picture of crystal meth. British drug trafficker Jonathan Moorby, 47, convicted over a $1.3

    Malaysia seizes huge crystal meth haul in two raids

  5. CNB drug raids

    5 arrested, drugs worth S$154,000 seized by CNB

  6. Myanmar is now thought to be one of the largest producers of meth in the world, including the pills

    China must act to stem Myanmar's runaway meth trade: Report

    China should rein in the methamphetamine-producing militias under its influence in eastern Myanmar and stem the flow of precursor chemicals ...
  7. Costa Rican authorities moved on a vessel carrying 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) of cocaine near

    Costa Rica seizes boat with half-ton of cocaine

    Costa Rican authorities on Thursday seized a boat carrying 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) of cocaine and arrested five suspected traffickers, the ...
  8. indonesia burns marijuana

    Up in smoke: Indonesia burns mountain of marijuana