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  1. Taiwan quake cracks on road

    Strong quake hits Taiwan's Hualien, shakes buildings in Taipei

  2. Taiwan quake map

    Taiwan rattled by 5.6-magnitude earthquake

  3. Indonesia is one of the most disaster-prone nations on Earth

    Thousands of kids still homeless 6 months after quake and tsunami hit Palu

    Thousands of children are living in makeshift shelters six months after a devastating earthquake and tsunami pounded the Indonesian city of Palu, ...
  4. Earthquake Sulawesi

    Earthquake of 5.4 magnitude strikes Sulawesi, Indonesia

  5. Devastation after earthquakes hit Lombok on Mar 17

    2 dead, dozens of tourists trapped after landslides in Lombok

  6. Peru quake map

    Deep earthquake with magnitude 7.1 strikes southern Peru

  7. Japan quake

    5.5-magnitude quake hits Japan's Hokkaido, no tsunami risk

  8. map of quake off east Philippines coast

    5.9 magnitude quake off southern Philippines