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  1. New Content Item

    7 in 10 youths unaware of cancer-causing chemicals in e-cigarettes: HPB

  2. 5 things you did not know about proteins

    5 things you did not know about proteins

    Protein is the backbone of a healthy diet. How much does one need and are there sources that are better than others? We help you figure this out ...
  3. soft drinks in singapore

    Singaporeans consuming fewer calories, but sugar and salt intake remains high

  4. Health Hub website

    Multiple unauthorised log-in attempts detected on HealthHub portal: HPB

  5. How to eat healthier

    To eat healthier, start small

    Small steps are the way forward if you’re determined to build healthier eating habits
  6. TungLok healthier mooncakes

    More companies tapping government scheme to develop healthy food products

  7. HPB Feet

    You need to move it, move it

    Every journey starts with that first step, and HPB wants you to get off the couch with its #MoveIt150 initiative
  8. nasi padang 1

    Healthier version of nasi padang gets HPB seal of approval

  9. HPB 1

    Wholegrain options? Plenty of work ahead for HPB to get hawkers on board

    Officers from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) have been walking the ground for months to encourage hawkers to offer wholegrain options. But there ...
  10. New Content Item

    HPB aims to cut Singaporeans' sugar intake by a quarter