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  1. FILE PHOTO: U.S. Democratic congressional candidate Ilhan Omar attends a gun violence prevention ro

    Minnesota, Michigan send first Muslim women to US Congress

    Voters in Minnesota and Michigan on Tuesday elected the first two Muslim women to serve in the U.S. Congress, a former refugee who fled Somalia's ...
  2. Insight syariah aceh  3

    20 years of syariah: From floggings to vigilante attacks, how far will Aceh go?

    Has more harm than good been done in Indonesia’s most conservative province, where strict laws apply against adultery, homosexuality and gambling?
  3. China mosque

    China delays mosque demolition after protest

  4. New Content Item

    A crime or a right? Some Danish Muslims defy face veil ban

  5. New Content Item

    Israeli police enter Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque after clashes

  6. Trump meets with European Commission President Juncker at the White House in Washington

    Trump says US to sanction Turkey, urges pastor's immediate release

    U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday said the United States would impose significant sanctions on Turkey over its detention of American ...
  7. Asia Default Image

    Rare secular candidate in Pakistan hounded by angry mobs

  8. Egyptian women from Parkour Egypt "PKE" practice their parkour skills around buildings on

    Egyptian women challenge social norms by practising Parkour

  9. France attack

    Woman slashes two with blade in France