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  1. The government scaled back the pilgrimage as it could be a major source of contagion, but the move

    Muslims begin downsized Haj pilgrimage amid COVID-19 pandemic

    Muslim pilgrims on Wednesday begin the annual hajj, dramatically downsized this year as the Saudi hosts strive to prevent a coronavirus outbreak ...
  2. Eid al-Adha amid novel coronavirus pandemic in Karachi

    Pakistan urges worshippers to buy sacrificial animals online to prevent COVID-19 surge

    Pakistani authorities are encouraging people to buy sacrificial animals online or at least wear masks when visiting cattle markets, fearing ...
  3. Saudi Arabia is hosting from Wednesday a downsized hajj for the first time in modern history due to

    Saudi Arabia gears up for downsized Haj

    Saudi Arabia on Wednesday begins hosting the annual hajj pilgrimage, dramatically downscaled due to the coronavirus pandemic that has barred ...