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  1. A voter casts her ballot during elections in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Indonesia election fraud allegations are 'baseless': Security minister

    Indonesia's chief security minister said on Wednesday accusations that the government and security forces conspired with election agencies to ...
  2. Indonesian political hopeful Yayat Abdurahman being doused with water as part of a traditional

    Sleepless nights for Indonesia's election 'losers'

    Political hopeful Yayat Abdurahman bet that he would be a winner among some 245,000 candidates in Indonesia's huge election last week, but his ...
  3. A voter casts her ballot at a polling booth during elections in Bogor

    Commentary: What the poll figures from Indonesia elections show

    Polls suggest victory for Jowoki, but Prabowo is still in the presidential race until the full election results is tallied, says Cornell ...
  4. Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto has refused to accept quick counts suggesting his

    'Move to Antarctica' Indonesian presidential challenger tells pollsters

    Indonesia's presidential challenger on Friday slammed pollsters as untrustworthy and said they should move to Antarctica so they could "lie to the ...
  5. Joko Widodo car surrounded Indonesia

    Indonesia warns against protests as Widodo rival rejects results

  6. Indonesia election workers dressed in ghost costumes

    Indonesia lures voters with ghouls, superheroes and tonnes of fun

  7. Jokowi and Prabowo

    Polls close in Indonesia's giant one-day election