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  1. Musicians from Lebanon's philharmonic orchestra are seen on stage before the start of "So

    Just one concert held at Baalbek's ancient ruins this year as message of hope

    The usually grand Baalbek Music Festival, set among 3,000-year-old Roman ruins in Lebanon, was reduced to just a single concert this year by the ...
  2. U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Shea speaks during a news conference in Beirut

    US envoy in Lebanon says 'page turned' after interview ban

    The US ambassador in Lebanon said on Monday the page had been turned on an incident sparked by a court ruling banning media in the country from ...
  3. Demonstrator holds a makeshift Lebanese flag during a protest against government performance and wo

    Lebanon's Aoun sees 'civil war' climate as critics boycott meeting

    President Michel Aoun warned on Thursday of an "atmosphere of civil war" during recent unrest in Lebanon and what he described as attempts to stir ...
  4. Ghada Zitouni, Isam Alkousaa pose for a picture near a cafe in Berlin

    From Damascus to Berlin: A Reuters journalist's quest for family reunion

    It was still dark in Damascus as I walked down the stairs, my new life contained in a red suitcase. My mother stood next to the taxi door praying ...
  5. A bartender wearing a protective mask is seen inside a pub in Beirut

    Beirut's nightlife on the brink as pandemic compounds financial crisis

    Beirut loves to party, even when the going gets tough. Which is often. The city and its nightlife has weathered wars, bombing campaigns and ...
  6. A Lebanese anti-government protester kicks back a tear gas canister fired by security forces during

    Fresh Lebanon protests over spiralling economic crisis

    Dozens of demonstrators angered by a deepening economic crisis rallied for a third consecutive day on Saturday after a night of violent riots ...