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  1. New Content Item

    How artificial intelligence is shaping the future of work in Singapore

    AI offers opportunities to create value, for employees and companies alike.
  2. Illustration pic of shopper looking at Taobao on iPad

    Commentary: In 2019, online marketplaces will change the way you and the government shop

    Chief Executive Officer of Arcadier Dinuke Ranasinghe has five predictions for the direction of e-commerce in 2019.
  3. Japan elderly 1

    AI in 2019: Here’s what tech giants are betting big on

    From fighting dengue and diagnosing diabetic retinopathy to creating an “artificial companion” for Singapore’s elderly, tech companies like ...
  4. AMD-NTU joint lab signing

    NTU, chipmaker AMD to launch S$4.8m data science, AI lab

    About 150 to 200 students from the new Data Science and Artificial Intelligence undergraduate programme are expected to benefit from this, says ...
  5. File photo of polytechnic students in Singapore

    Aiming for AI, machine learning jobs after school? Don’t just focus on tech, grads say

    Picking up courses in the humanities and being proactive at were cited as beneficial for two graduates to secure such jobs at German software ...
  6. A humanoid created by NTU Professor Thalmann areacts to the presence of people during an interview

    Commentary: A while more before robots and artificial intelligence run our lives for us

    Despite AI’s widely publicised successes, there are very good reasons to be skeptical about its possibilities for replacing humans, says one ...
  7. IoT_1

    How’s Your Machine Feeling?

    IoT technology — that allows us to gain feedback from devices on how they are being used — presents tremendous opportunities for the future.
  8. AI_1

    4 Things About AI, Machine Learning And Cloud Computing That May Surprise You

    The possibilities are huge, and it’s time you get with the program — literally.
  9. Google vehicle operator Reko Ong stands next to a prototype of Google's own self-driving vehic

    Commentary: Will my driverless car know what to do when honked at?

    Driverless cars are getting smarter. A sociolinguist from the University of Pittsburgh discusses if they are smart enough to read the visual cues ...
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    Google launches Cloud AutoML, wants AI available for all businesses

    The first service to be released is Cloud AutoML Vision, which Google says makes it “faster and easier” to create custom machine learning models ...