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  1. baby drinking formula milk

    Commentary: Having a second child worsens parents' mental health

    Some may think that with already grown parenting skills, having a second child would require less effort and stress - but one study shows otherwise.
  2. Crying can make you feel better

    Commentary: Crying can make you feel better

    Crying can be a self-soothing behaviour, one researcher points out.
  3. New year resolution: Be kind to yourself this year

    Commentary: Need a new year resolution? Be kind to yourself this year

    Don't be so hard on yourself if you break your new year resolutions – you'll be more likely to succeed if you're kind to yourself, says researcher ...
  4. The Wider Image: Living with dementia

    Commentary: Small things make a big difference in giving dementia patients the power of choice

    A person with advanced dementia may not be able to speak at all, making it difficult for those caring for them, two observers point out.
  5. Orchard Road Disney light-up 4

    Commentary: The festive season brings loneliness, sorrow and anxiety for some

    The holidays can trigger anxiety, depressive disorders and OCD, says one IMH expert who highlights how to cope with these feelings.
  6. Depression in a coner

    OCD one of the most common mental disorders in Singapore

  7. boss employee meeting discussion

    Commentary: Stressed? Your relationship with your boss may be playing a role

    Psychological connection with a leader influences how people cope with stress, researchers from Staffordshire University found.
  8. heartbroken, breakup, relationships

    Commentary: After a break-up, some find it harder to achieve closure

    While others avoid closure at all cost, some need explanations in order to have their painful feelings resolved, says one psychology lecturer.
  9. Depression in a coner

    Japan's youth suicides hit 30-year high-survey