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  1. John Kirwan has spoken at length about his struggles with depression.

    Mental health risk growing in sports, says All Blacks great

  2. sad, depressed, woman struggles with depression, mental health

    Commentary: Helicopter parenting has caused British teenagers to be unhappy

    Childhood has become tame, making young people of today less resilient than previous generations, authors Rob Creasy and Fiona Corby point out.
  3. Prince William in rare outspoken remarks lambasted football clibs for disregarding the mental health

    Prince William slams football clubs over mental health care

    Prince William has launched a withering broadside at football clubs, lambasting them for a "dereliction of duty" in their lack of care for players ...
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    Commentary: 'Smiling depression', depressed while appearing happy, a dangerous combination

    Those who suffer from 'smiling depression' often don't get help because they might not think that they have a problem, researcher Olivia Remes ...
  5. Youth mental disorders

    One in six US kids have mental health disorders

  6. Sleep loss insomnia obstructive sleep apnoea health (1)

    Commentary: Sleeping later is bad for your health and well-being

    Can't sleep at night? Your genes is partly responsible for it, Samuel Edward Jones, a research fellow at the University of Exeter points out.
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    Commentary: 'A crushing sensation' - decluttering sparks heartache, distress in hoarders

    After experiencing loss, many fill the void in their hearts with stuff, says Dr Kelvin Ng Lin Chieh at the Institute of Mental Health.
  8. Parental burnout 1

    Commentary: Millennials, the burnout generation

    Work for the millennial is becoming more difficult and complex, and building resilience is no answer, says Rajvinder Samra at The Open University.
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    Commentary: Public attitudes of HIV have not moved beyond narratives of fear, prejudice from early years of global epidemic

    Singapore’s social acceptance of HIV still lags behind scientific progress, says Mr Rayner Tan and Associate Professor Hsu Li Yang from the ...
  10. FILE PHOTO: Bottles of medications line the shelves at a pharmacy in Portsmouth

    Use of Valium and Xanax for pain rising in US