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  1. What 2019’s graduating jobseekers need to know

    Commentary: Facing disrupted futures, Singapore’s youth must put their mental health first

    Rather than neglect our mental health to arrive first in a race that never ends, let’s prioritise it so we can keep running this marathon, says Ng ...
  2. Think you know your wife? Try buying her a present

    Commentary: Shopping addiction is a serious disorder

    But it is difficult to diagnose because people have symptoms of other disorders, such as eating disorders and substance abuse, says Cathrine ...
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    South Africa's Discovery targets mental health with rewards plan

  4. Depression

    Shift work tied to poor mental health

  5. Photo positive childhood experiences

    Positive childhood experiences tied to better adult mental health: Study

    Researchers surveyed over 6,000 adults about how often they felt supported, felt a sense of belonging and were able to talk about their feelings ...
  6. WHO logo

    Suicide kills one person every 40 seconds, says World Health Organization

    Across the world, one person takes their own life every 40 seconds, and more people die by suicide every year than in war, the World Health ...
  7. Melissa Chan's family

    She couldn't help her dad – but now she's helping other dementia patients with tech

    Melissa Chan of Project We Forgot and Homage knows that caregiving is "a human thing", but it's the development of an app that is helping her do ...
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    Depression, anxiety rising among US college students