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  1. singapore students

    More 'inclusive' DSA application process will help less affluent students

  2. MOE (2)

    New Direct School Admission portal to be launched next year to simplify application process

  3. students classroom Singapore

    Singapore ranks high on educational mobility: OECD report

  4. TMJC gallery

    Merged JCs carry out finishing touches to new college identity and campus

  5. MOE Special Needs

    More support for Allied Educators to meet growing number of special needs students

  6. stolen scripts jcs

    Stolen A-Level scripts: Affected students shocked, but happy with handling of incident

    While some said they would take the “rare second chance” to improve their A-Level grade by retaking the paper, others said they were content with ...
  7. students classroom Singapore

    Schools cannot be used as platforms for partisan politics: MOE