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  1. Jersey, a self-governing British Crown dependency off the coast of France, has said it will require

    UK sends Navy ships to Jersey as French fishing row escalates

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday (May 5) sent two Navy patrol vessels to Jersey over concerns that French fishermen could ...
  2. Naval officers pay their respects during a remembrance ceremony for the crew of the KRI Nanggala

    Chinese navy to help Indonesia salvage sunken submarine

    Chinese navy ships have arrived off Bali to help haul up a submarine that sank last month killing 53 crew, the Indonesian Navy said Tuesday as it ...
  3. Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala 402

    Commentary: Submariners face huge challenges underwater - where there's no margin for error

    Dealing with 12 hours a day on watch and the need for high operational readiness, submariners have a hazardous career, says James Goldrick.
  4. Indonesia Submarine

    Commentary: Indonesia submarine tragedy exposes painful realities of international rescue operations

    The tragic loss of KRI Nanggala lays bare the limits to international cooperation on submarine rescue, says RSIS’ Collin Koh.