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  1. A man wears a face mask as he walks past closed stalls at a hawker centre in Singapore

    Low community transmission of COVID-19 in Singapore as of end-March: Study

  2. A computer image created by Nexu Science Communication together with Trinity College in Dublin, sho

    Commentary: Science goes viral, thanks to COVID-19. But there are roadblocks along the way

    The COVID-19 pandemic has renewed an interest in science, which can be used as an opportunity to grow trust between scientists and the general ...
  3. There are growing fears that the unchecked use of antibiotics in both medicine and agriculture will

    Commentary: Why the world needs more than antibiotics to cure infections

    Scientists are reengineering viruses to cure bacterial infections, say Manal Mohammed and Andrew Millard.
  4. Trafficking certain volumes of illegal drugs into Singapore carries a mandatory death penalty unless

    Drug crimes cost Singapore S$1.23b in 2015, new study shows

  5. FILE PHOTO: A baby is delivered through a Caesarean section in the labour and delivery unit at the

    Key differences between infants born vaginally and through C-section: Study

    A huge study of babies' stool samples has found key differences between infants born vaginally and via Caesarean section, offering clues about the ...