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  1. Bangladeshi police patrol in one of the Rohingya refugee camps on the border with Myanmar, where a

    Murders leave Rohingya camps gripped by fear

    A spate of bloody killings is fuelling unease in the Rohingya camps on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, where overstretched police are struggling to ...
  2. Some 700,000 Rohingya were violently expelled from their homes in Myanmar's Rakhine state in a

    Facebook says it was 'too slow' to fight hate speech in Myanmar

  3. The bulk of the Rohingya in Bangladesh, or some 700,000 people, flooded across the border last

    Facebook losing the war on hate speech in Myanmar: Reuters

  4. Young Rohingya refugee Mohammad Ayaz shares a creased family photo photograph, grainy and faded --

    Belongings and belonging: The precious objects gathered by fleeing Rohingya

    The Rohingya had no time to consider what to take as Myanmar forces drove the Muslim minority into Bangladesh in a crackdown a year ago likened by ...
  5. A Rohingya refugee has her picture taken by a volunteer collecting information of alleged abuses by

    Catalogue of abuse: Seeking justice for the Rohingya

    Cross-legged in a windowless, almost pitch-black bamboo shack, the investigator pressed record on a video camera and asked the young Rohingya ...
  6. Around 6,000 Rohingya refugees are now stuck in a narrow "no mans land" between Myanmar

    Myanmar asks Bangladesh to stop aid to stranded Rohingya

    Myanmar has asked Bangladesh to stop providing aid to 6,000 Rohingya stranded on the border between the two countries since a military crackdown ...
  7. Rohingya refugees hold banners and placards during the visit of U.N. Secretary General Antonio Gute

    UN urges Myanmar to pave way for Rohingya returns, grant citizenship

  8. The Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh: a rights group has urged Bangladesh to provide better

    Bangladesh must improve conditions for Rohingya, scrap island plan: HRW

    Bangladesh should dramatically improve living conditions for Rohingya in the world's largest refugee camp and scrap plans to move many to a ...
  9. Myanmar faces allegations its troops commited ethnic cleasning against Rohingya Muslims

    New Myanmar Rakhine commission denounced by observers

    A new commission set up by Myanmar to look into human rights abuses in Rakhine state has been criticised by observers on Tuesday as a "political ...
  10. Burnt Myanmar villages

    Myanmar appoints panel to probe Rohingya abuses