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  1. Last month's clashes between protesters and riot police left hundreds of people hurt including

    Romania charges police chiefs over violence against protesters

  2. Romanian magistrates hold a silent protest in support of an independent judiciary

    Romanian magistrates rally to support rule of law

    Hundreds of Romanian magistrates held a silent protest in support of an independent judiciary in capital Bucharest on Sunday after a slew of legal ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: A member of Romania's gay community takes part in the Gay Fest 2014 pride parade i

    Romania moves closer to ruling out same-sex marriage

    Romania's senate overwhelmingly backed a citizens' initiative on Tuesday to change the definition of family in the constitution in a nationwide ...
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    African swine fever hits Romania's biggest pig farm

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    Romanians demand probe of riot police after violence at protest

  6. Thousands of Romanians from diaspora attend rallies in major cities across Romania

    Police fire tear gas as Romanians rally against government

    Tens of thousands of protesters rallied against the ruling Social Democrat (PSD) government on Friday in cities across Romania and the capital ...
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    Romania's leftists unveil blueprint to double state pensions

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    Bulgaria to build wild boar fence on Romanian border

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    Romania must give residency rights to same-sex spouses, court rules