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    Genome sequencing in newborns raises ethical issues

  2. The new strain, HIV-1 Group M subtype L, has been recorded in three people

    US laboratory identifies rare new HIV strain

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    During deep sleep, the brain does housekeeping

  4. Twenty-one fossilized bones of the most complete partial skeleton of a male of the extinct ape spec

    Prehistoric ape from Germany was a pioneer of two-legged walking

    Fossils unearthed in southern Germany of a remarkable ape that lived about 11.6 million years ago may dramatically alter the understanding of the ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Natural gas flares off at a production facility near Carlsbad

    Shale CEO calls out industry for Permian Basin gas flaring

    Pioneer Natural Resources Chief Executive Scott Sheffield on Tuesday called on producers in the top U.S. shale field to limit natural gas flaring ...
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    Rare genetic finding may help in search for Alzheimer's therapies

  7. FILE PHOTO: Hikers walk on a Pizol glacier, in Mels

    Algae blooms to make glaciers melt faster than thought: Scientists

    Glaciers will melt faster than current models on climate change account for as algae blooms colonise them and reduce their ability to reflect the ...
  8. Scientists believe early humans lived in the wetlands south of the Zambezi river for 70,000 years

    Humanity's homeland found in ancient Botswana

    Modern humans emerged 200,000 years ago in a region of northern Botswana, scientists claimed Monday, in what appeared to be the most precise ...