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  1. The surface of the newly discovered exoplanet called Gliese 486b, a type of planet known as a &quot

    Alien 'super-Earth' may offer clues about atmospheres on distant worlds

    Scientists have spotted a planet orbiting a star relatively near our solar system that may offer a prime opportunity to study the atmosphere of a ...
  2. The Urban Sun by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde is seen on a square in Rotterdam

    Dutch artist uses ultraviolet light to zap coronavirus

    A group of actors dance in a ring of ultraviolet light projected onto a square in Rotterdam from a glowing black orb suspended above them. Able to ...
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    The Hidden Layer: Healthcare Trailblazers

    The real-life superhero might not be what you expect. They are in fact a pioneering class of scientist, continuously tinkering in tech labs across ...
  4. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Disease Hunters: Mosquito Mayhem

    Our war with mosquitoes is bloody. Mosquito-borne diseases kill over a million people each year, making mosquitoes the world’s deadliest creatures.
  5. FILE PHOTO: The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Oxford

    Oxford University says research not affected after media reports of COVID lab hack

    Oxford University said on Thursday it was investigating a cyber attack but that research was unaffected, following media reports that one of its ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: The Google name is displayed outside the company's office in London, Britain

    Exclusive: Google pledges changes to research oversight after internal revolt

    Alphabet Inc's Google will change procedures before July for reviewing its scientists' work, according to a town hall recording heard by Reuters, ...
  7. Heidrick & Struggles President & CEO Krishnan Rajagopalan poses in undated photo

    COVID-era leadership: Being more human

    Leading when you know where the world is headed is one thing, but it is something else when the future is uncertain.
  8. NUS researchers design window that reduces noise levels | Video
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    NUS researchers design window that reduces noise levels | Video

    Researchers from the National University of Singapore have designed a window that reduces noise levels significantly while providing better ...