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  1. Britain leaving the European Union would strip the bloc of a nuclear-armed global player and prove

    Commentary: Brexit is bringing the UK back to Southeast Asia. Will Asian countries buy it?

    The United Kingdom sees engagement in Southeast Asia as a key part of its 'Global Britain' stance but can it commit to having a sustained presence?
  2. MTI and US Embassy

    Singapore, US renew agreement on infrastructure collaboration

  3. Singapore night skyline

    Commentary: Two small countries can be big players on the financial services stage

    Collaboration between Singapore and New Zealand in the technology space will make both nations big players in the financial services world, says ...
  4. FILE PHOTO:  China International Import Expo (CIIE)

    Commentary: Full of effusive support for trade and globalisation but will China’s actions match up?

    Starting at APEC, China must match its pro-trade rhetoric with actions, says Tom McGregor.
  5. China has touted the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai as a important signal

    Commentary: China should throw wide open the doors to trade

    Instead of shutting down trade and retaliating with tariffs and other forms of trade control, the world’s second largest economy should do the ...
  6. The retail sector, which China is counting on to propel it to consumption-fuelled development, was

    Commentary: The vast global impact of an inevitable Chinese recession

    Some estimates suggest the pain of an economic slowdown in China will be confined. This is wishful thinking, says Kenneth Rogoff.
  7. Singapore, China conclude talks to upgrade FTA

    Singapore, China conclude talks to upgrade free trade agreement

  8. China-Australia ties have been strained recently over Beijing's alleged interference in

    Australia trade minister to visit China in sign of thaw

  9. President Xi Jinping has said next week's China International Import Expo will help reduce

    China urged to move 'beyond reform rhetoric' at trade expo

    European ambassadors and foreign business lobbies are calling on China to introduce "bold" and concrete market reforms at a Shanghai trade fair ...
  10. Combination of file photos show Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

    Trump, Xi upbeat on trade after phone call; US targets more Chinese firms

    U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, who spoke by telephone on Thursday, expressed optimism about resolving their trade ...