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  1. France's 'island of beauty' has seen a spike in attacks on public buildings and

    Fears of return to violence haunt Corsica as Macron visits

    Bombs at public buildings and holiday villas going up in flames: a spike in attacks on Corsica has led to worries that nationalist violence could ...
  2. Thai guns 7

    Commentary: Uncovering the dangerous subculture behind gun violence in Thailand

    Gun homicides in Thailand are striking. To prevent them we should look beyond the numbers and headlines at what is fuelling these incidents, says ...
  3. A man walks near a carcass of a dead cow in Farado Kebele

    Over 8 million Ethiopians need food aid due to violence, drought

  4. Myanmar Rohingya

    Myanmar officer's wife killed by pipe bomb in latest Rakhine violence

  5. US gun control

    US House Democrats take first step towards tighter gun laws

  6. Bangladesh Election

    Two dead, dozens injured in Bangladesh clashes as election nears

    Political clashes in Bangladesh left two campaign workers dead and injured dozens more, police said on Wednesday, as tensions soared before a ...
  7. riot malaysia temple

    17 arrested over violence at Hindu temple in Malaysia

  8. FILE PHOTO: Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed addresses a news conference in his office in Addi

    At least 23 die in weekend of Ethiopia ethnic violence

    At least 23 people were killed in a weekend of violence targeting minorities in Ethiopia's ethnic Oromo heartland near the capital Addis Ababa, ...
  9. New Content Item

    Commentary: What took us so long to move against marital immunity for rape?

    The journey towards a potential abolishment of marital immunity for rape, as part of a review of the Penal Code, raises questions about how our ...