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  1. Afghanistan

    Three female media workers shot dead in eastern Afghanistan

    Three women who worked for a local radio and TV station in eastern Afghanistan were gunned down on Tuesday (Mar 2) in separate attacks, the news ...
  2. In Con FY20 Ep 17
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    Ep 17: Ali Soufan, CEO, The Soufan Group

    The violent mob that attacked the US Capitol on Jan 6 sent shockwaves around the world. But former FBI Special Agent Ali Soufan says that the ...
  3. Men wearing protective face masks walk past broken windows of a facility run by Wistron

    Wistron violence could sour Apple's 'Make In India' plans

    Violence at a Wistron factory in southern India is likely to stall the company's and its client Apple's drive to expand local manufacturing, while ...
  4. Single people get abused by their partners, too
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    Single people get abused by their partners, too

    More unmarried people are seeking help at counselling centres to deal with violence in their relationships. Some say they could do with better ...
  5. India's Caste Violence
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    Ep 19: India's Caste Violence

    Will caste and communal conflicts in India spin out of control and derail its effort to become a leading power in the region?
  6. Hong Kong struggles to curb with violent protests | Video
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    Hong Kong struggles to curb with violent protests | Video

    Hong Kong authorities have appealed to the public to help them curb the city violence in recent months. Despite Chief Executive Carrie Lam's ...
  7. New Content Item
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    Ep 6: Circuit Breaker: Can We Help The Vulnerable?

    The worldwide rise in domestic abuse cases is said to be the new COVID-19 crisis. Singapore is no exception – calls for help have increased by up ...
  8. When Elephants Fight
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    When Elephants Fight

    The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a tsunami of hate, xenophobia and scare-mongering. CNA correspondents take a look at the lives of Chinese ...
  9. A handful of protesters burn the American flag outside a Portland Courthouse

    Portland police declare 'riot' on night after US vote, arrests made in New York and other cities

    Police in the city of Portland made arrests and seized fireworks, hammers and a rifle after late night demonstrations, as Oregon Governor Kate ...
  10. Police officers detain a demonstrator during a protest

    Oregon state police called to Portland as officials warn of escalating violence

    Oregon state police were poised on Monday to return to Portland after a fatal shooting this weekend, as clashes escalated between an armed ...