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  1. Despite a 2016 peace accord, Colombia has seen a surge of violence in lawless areas due to a

    More than 27,000 displaced in Colombia violence in 2021

    More than 27,000 people were displaced during the first quarter of 2021 due to a surge of violence in lawless areas of Colombia, the human rights ...
  2. Emmanuel Macron lors d'une visite à l'hôtel de police de Montpellier le 19 avril 2021

    French police warn Macron about rising violence

    French police warned President Emmanuel Macron about rising levels of street violence, as he toured crime hotspots on Monday following a string of ...
  3. Ep 5
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    Ep 5: Dying For Love (China)

    60% of female suicides in China stem from domestic violence. Deeply entwined with traditional values and made worse by the COVID-19 lockdowns, ...
  4. APTOPIX Britain Northern Ireland Unrest

    Northern Ireland leaders seek calm after violence escalates

    Authorities in Northern Ireland sought to restore calm Thursday (Apr 8) after Protestant and Catholic youths in Belfast hurled bricks, fireworks ...
  5. Myanmar

    Myanmar still mired in violence 2 months after military coup

    Protesters in Myanmar on Thursday (Apr 1) marked two months since the military seized power by again defying the threat of lethal violence and ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Biden delivers remarks after a meeting with his COVID-19 Response Team a

    White House announces new measures to counter anti-Asian violence

    The Biden administration on Tuesday (Mar 30) announced a set of measures responding to rising anti-Asian violence, including deploying US$49.5 ...
  7. Afghanistan

    Three female media workers shot dead in eastern Afghanistan

    Three women who worked for a local radio and TV station in eastern Afghanistan were gunned down on Tuesday (Mar 2) in separate attacks, the news ...
  8. In Con FY20 Ep 17
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    Ep 17: Ali Soufan, CEO, The Soufan Group

    The violent mob that attacked the US Capitol on Jan 6 sent shockwaves around the world. But former FBI Special Agent Ali Soufan says that the ...
  9. Men wearing protective face masks walk past broken windows of a facility run by Wistron

    Wistron violence could sour Apple's 'Make In India' plans

    Violence at a Wistron factory in southern India is likely to stall the company's and its client Apple's drive to expand local manufacturing, while ...
  10. India's Caste Violence
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    Ep 19: India's Caste Violence

    Will caste and communal conflicts in India spin out of control and derail its effort to become a leading power in the region?