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  1. Russia Wildfire

    Wildfires blaze in Siberia, Russian Far East

    Russian emergency workers fought wildfires burning Sunday (Jun 13) on more than 550 square kilometres of territory mostly in Siberia and the Far East.
  2. Australia Wildfire

    30 homes estimated to have been lost in Australian wildfire

    30 homes estimated to have been lost in Australian wildfire
  3. Bruce McDougal prepares to defend his home as the Bond Fire

    Wind fans wildfire in California canyons, residents flee

    Powerful gusts pushed flames from a wildfire through Southern California canyons on Thursday (Dec 3), one of several blazes that burned near homes ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Firefighters battle a fire following an explosion at Geary Boulevard and Parker Avenue

    California regulator flags concerns over PG&E's wildfire safety measures

    The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has raised concerns over certain deficiencies that it says could affect PG&E Corp's ability to ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Job seekers wait to meet potential employers at career fair at Rutgers University in Ne

    US economy faces looming test as coronavirus wildfire rages

    The uneasy balance between the wildfire-like spread of the coronavirus in the United States and an economy that remains largely open may be tested ...
  6. A firefighter uses a homeowners garden hose to help battle the Silverado Fire, a wind driven wildfi

    Southern California's latest wildfires rage with little progress reported

    Firefighters in Southern California reported little headway on Tuesday (Oct 27) against two explosive, wind-whipped wildfires that forced the ...