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CNA Leadership Summit: Green Recovery

01:00 Min
CNA Leadership Summit: Green Recovery

CNA Leadership Summit: Green Recovery - S1E9: Sustainability as a collective goal

11 May 2021 03:48pm
BMW joins other private and public sector stakeholders in a timely conversation on Green Recovery at the CNA leadership Summit 2021. BMW shares views on how sustainability is a collective goal for business leaders across industries.
About the Show

As governments grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis has accelerated an urgency to address strategic challenges at corporate and public levels, among these – the challenge of climate change.

Even before the pandemic, the call for a global recovery plan has dominated headlines. While talk actively revolved around issues such as renewable energy, energy-efficient buildings, a breakaway from fossil fuels, conservation, enabling citizen engagement and more, steps to take action haven’t kept pace. In effect, a ‘Green Recovery’ plan is needed. To do so, green financing, green technology and green leadership are necessary to enable national efficacy and prosperity.

Government support and incentives for industries can not only boost economy but also help transform it. How can private investments and technology help shape sustainable solutions to complement recovery plans? What is the path forward and could this be our future’s blueprint?

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