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  1. Oscar Saxelby-Lee (2)

    ‘Our little miracle’: British boy who came to Singapore for treatment for aggressive cancer heads home

    Before he left the UK for Singapore more than six months ago, doctors told Oscar Saxelby-Lee’s family he had no treatment options left. Now in ...
  2. Dexamethasone

    Why steroids not recommended in Singapore treatment of COVID-19 patients despite 'major breakthrough' in UK

    Dexamethasone is the first drug to improve survival in COVID-19 patients, a team from Oxford University found, and is widely available and ...
  3. Oscar Saxelby-Lee free of cancer for six months after undergoing cancer treatment in Singapore

    British boy who came to Singapore for treatment for aggressive cancer is ‘almost ready to go home’

    Oscar Saxelby-Lee is almost six months free of cancer, after coming to Singapore for an experimental, compassionate treatment for acute ...
  4. Coronavirus cells that cause COVID-19

    Doctors in Singapore advised to look out for blood, heart problems in COVID-19 patients

    Four COVID-19 cases in Singapore died in May because of heart-related issues, and not of the disease.
  5. Cochrane Lodge 07

    COVID-19: More than a third of Singaporean or PR cases in May linked to dormitory clusters

    Foreign workers are not allowed to leave their dormitories over concerns of cross infection, but dozens of Singaporean or PR cases in May have ...
  6. May 12 easing of circuit breaker measures (10)

    Singapore reports highest number of new COVID-19 cases among citizens or PRs in more than 3 weeks

    Four residents at Orange Valley nursing home, a family linked to a foreign worker dormitory cluster and three pre-school staff members are among ...