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  1. Boris Kunsevitsky abused dozens of children in Southeast Asia

    'Jailbait' folder exposes Australian paedophile’s sex abuse of children in Singapore 17 years ago

    He amassed thousands of videos of himself sexually abusing children in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia over a period ...
  2. Egg boy Christchurch

    Commentary: Hate cannot be an appropriate response to the Christchurch shootings

    Why Australian Senator Fraser Anning was wrong to say it was his right to say the shootings in Christchurch was a result of ‘Muslim immigration’, ...
  3. Mikhy Farrera Brochez 2

    US court orders Mikhy Brochez to 'immediately' return HIV data to Singapore authorities

    The American was also ordered to "permanently delete" the data obtained from Singapore's HIV registry, court documents show.