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  1. Reynhard Sinaga

    ‘I hope he rots in hell’: Victims of Indonesian serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga speak out

    Only two of Reynhard Sinaga’s 195 victims knew they were raped. Many remained in the dark until they received a knock on the door from a police ...
  2. Oscar Saxelby-Lee in Singapore (3)

    British boy, 5, in Singapore for experimental treatment for 'uncontrollable' cancer

    Oscar Saxelby-Lee has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - an aggressive cancer that has rejected all forms of treatment. The five-year-old from the UK ...
  3. Handcuffs

    Commentary: Decriminalising attempted suicide in Singapore does not mean less help for vulnerable people

    Attempted suicide was decriminalised as of Jan 1, 2020. The move is a welcome one that recognises it as a cry for help, rather than treat it as a ...