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Anne-Marie Lim

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Elsie thumbnail
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    I lost my boutique - now I’m fighting to keep it alive online

    “You have to go.” When recession hit and her landlord ended her lease without warning, Elsie had to shutter her boutique in the CBD. But she ...
  2. Burning out, but wildlife rescuer isn't giving up
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    Burning out, but wildlife rescuer isn't giving up

    “For the first time in 10 years, I felt too tired to go out and rescue animals."  In 2020, Kalai and his team at Animal Concerns Research and ...
  3. Hampered by chronic asthma and an old knee injury, Vasoo Kesevan needed help to lose weight.

    Morbidly obese at 212kg, he had a hard time even walking. A surgery changed that

    Vasoo Kesevan went from being overweight to morbidly obese, and from being happy to being hurt until he came to a big decision. CNA Insider tracks ...
  4. Retrenched and starting over at 50
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    Retrenched and starting over at 50

    When 50-year-old Malliga got laid off from her dream job at Changi Airport, she wasn't sure how she'd survive in a changed job market. But her ...
  5. Malliga at Changi Airport

    Retrenched from her Changi Airport job, she’s making a career switch at 50 – to healthcare

    With family bills to pay, and 14 years since she’d last had to look for a job, Malliga wasn’t sure how she’d survive in a changed job market. At ...
  6. MSF Firmenich bernard sc and shawn 2 (1)

    He lost his sight at 47 - a fragrance company helped give him his life back

    Former teacher Bernard Chew fell into despair when he went blind practically overnight. Then a company called Firmenich – and a woman who believed ...
  7. Iskandar Ibrahim lost the ability to see in bright light. But his make-up dreams are undimmed.

    Breaking free from his shades of grey: The visually impaired make-up artist

    Iskandar Ibrahim’s cosmetics career was cut short when he could no longer tell shades of colours apart. But even as his vision deteriorated, his ...
  8. MCI Dementia Willam at day care - Rummy O

    ‘Help’s out there, just ask’: How dementia day care helped, when grandpa kept getting lost

    As a family, they’d pulled together to look out for grandpa when he developed dementia – but still, there came a day caregiver Geraldine Lim ...
  9. Can he consummate a marriage? Will any children he has “be like him”? Alex has faced such questions.

    I want a wife, not a maid: When a man with cerebral palsy looks for love, intimacy

    Like many of his peers, Alex, 33, craves companionship and a family of his own in future. But his disability is not the only challenge. He must ...
  10. Mark Rusli is one of the Jurong Bird Park's four hand-rearers.

    He’s a ‘foster parent’ raising baby birds by hand, helping to save threatened species

    There is delight in seeing hatchlings poo, and special care in preparing their formula milk. Mark Rusli knows all about the challenges and ...