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  1. Asia's Sinking Cities: Bangkok
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    Ep 41: Asia's Sinking Cities: Bangkok

    Can Bangkok protect itself against the rising tide that's now threatening to consume the city and push the Thai capital underwater?  
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    Behind The Story: Bangkok May Be Gone In 30 Years

    Sea level rise is threatening to put Bangkok underwater by 2050 if urgent action is not taken. CNA producer Nicholas Deroose talks about the ...
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    Ep 5: Bangkok

    Aun Koh gets Chef Garima Arora, Asia's Best Female Chef (2019) in Bangkok to reveal her unique fermentation room, and a new recipe inspired by ...
  4. Bangkok’s Chinatown risks losing its identity through gentrification | Video
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    Bangkok’s Chinatown risks losing its identity through gentrification | Video

    Bangkok's Chinatown has always been a draw for locals and visitors - more so as Chinese New Year approaches. But its atmosphere is beginning to ...
  5. Environmental activists rally to demand rights to clean air

    Thai protesters demand action as air pollution clouds Bangkok

    Dozens of activists held a rare protest on Thursday over air pollution in Bangkok, a day after Thai officials closed schools due to concern over ...
  6. A road is seen with smog next to a sugar cane burnt plantations in Suphan Buri province, north of B

    Smog forces Bangkok schools to shut, but respite in doubt due to crop burning

    Thailand's capital on Tuesday ordered schools closed due to unhealthy levels of air pollution, and there were doubts whether the situation would ...