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  1. File photo of air-conditioners

    Commentary: Air-conditioning – the unspoken energy guzzler in Singapore

    The good news is a sea change has been underway to curb unsustainable use of air-conditioning, says Kavickumar Muruganathan.
  2. File photo of plane in midair

    Commentary: Green offsets let polluting airlines off the hook

    Sustainability targets for airlines need to be based on real emissions cuts at their source, says an observer.
  3. Red foxes roam amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in the Israeli city of Ashkelon

    Commentary: The wonder of clear skies and returning wildlife is our new climate problem

    The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t really halted climate change but gives the world a timely opportunity to do so, says Winston Chow.
  4. The coronavirus outbreak has hit the Chinese economy hard, but also lowered the country's

    Commentary: The coronavirus could take climate action with it

    In this COVID-19 outbreak, long-term thinking feels like a luxury we cannot afford right now, says Samantha Gross.
  5. 4 switches

    Commentary: That low-carbon future for Singapore isn’t so far-fetched

    There are multiple scenarios of a low-carbon transition for Singapore which does not preclude the petrochemical and refining industry altogether, ...