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    Commentary: That low-carbon future for Singapore isn’t so far-fetched

    There are multiple scenarios of a low-carbon transition for Singapore which does not preclude the petrochemical and refining industry altogether, ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe talks with his party's lawmaker Shinjiro Ko

    Commentary: When it comes to climate change, Japan’s leaders need to walk the talk

    Despite lofty rhetoric, Shinzo Abe and his government are not doing enough to cut emissions and a reliance on fossil fuel, says Daniel Hurst.
  3. carbon emissions

    Commentary: What if governments and firms measure the one thing that matters most – carbon productivity?

    Labour productivity is less important than you might think. People are not a finite resource, but allowable carbon emissions are, says an expert.
  4. An aeroplane departs Gatwick airport

    Commentary: Carbon emissions? Sorry but I will keep flying until someone stops me

    As calls to curb the carbon emissions from flying grow, how wise is it to reduce gloval travel on this flimsy pretext? University of Western ...
  5. Hot weather, sun in Singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Our world is getting hotter, faster

    With a clearer picture of temperature variations over the past 2,000 years, we now have a better understanding of the extraordinary nature of ...
  6. China strives for cleaner air quality with electric vehicles | Video
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    China strives for cleaner air quality with electric vehicles | Video

    China is in the midst of an ambitious push towards clearer skies. It has been coming down hard on air pollution as it strives to de-link its ...