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  1. Circular road

    Commentary: Trying to live more sustainably? It’s impossible to make a difference alone

    In combating climate change, our individual efforts are statistically insignificant – especially when compared to what businesses and government ...
  2. Activists say Shell's plans to plant trees to offset carbon emissions are unrealistic

    Commentary: Court verdict on Shell's carbon emissions is a warning for companies worldwide

    The Hague District Court’s ruling for Shell to implement stringent emissions cuts could have far-reaching consequences, says a professor.
  3. FILE PHOTO: A woman rides a scooter past a steel plant in Anyang

    China to tighten environmental approval for polluting projects

    China plans to strengthen controls in industries such as steel and aluminium which involve high energy use and produce high emissions, in an ...
  4. Wind turbines are seen in 2018 in the Dabancheng district in Urumqi in China's northwestern

    Commentary: Why China believes it’s go big on carbon emission cuts or go home

    China aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. The challenges ahead are daunting and the socioeconomic costs high, but meeting these targets ...