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  1. Asia's Sinking Cities: Jakarta
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    Ep 39: Asia's Sinking Cities: Jakarta

    Will the decision to relocate the country's capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimantan help safeguard the city from being engulfed by the sea?
  2. Asia's Sinking Cities: Manila
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    Ep 40: Asia's Sinking Cities: Manila

    By 2050, many parts of the Philippines will be submerged under water because of climate change. Is the country ready to confront this global ...
  3. Asia's Sinking Cities: Bangkok
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    Ep 41: Asia's Sinking Cities: Bangkok

    Can Bangkok protect itself against the rising tide that's now threatening to consume the city and push the Thai capital underwater?  
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    Behind The Story: Bangkok May Be Gone In 30 Years

    Sea level rise is threatening to put Bangkok underwater by 2050 if urgent action is not taken. CNA producer Nicholas Deroose talks about the ...
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    Carbon Conundrum

    The earth is warming, FAST. Human addiction to carbon is the cause of it. We speak with scientists and researchers behind innovative solutions ...
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    Ep 3: Brazil's Amazonian Battle

    Deforestation in Brazil has skyrocketed. The size of 8.4 million fields have been chopped down. We investigate the need for gold that is forcing ...
  7. Pakistan's Himalayan Meltdown
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    Ep 2: Pakistan's Himalayan Meltdown

    The word Himalaya means House of Snow. But the house is melting faster than ever in human history. How will a melting Himalaya impact the lives of ...
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    Ep 1: Australia's Coal Conundrum

    We investigate the politics of coal and greed in Australia. Can activists stop new coal mines from exporting coal to South Asia?