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  1. The logo of Amazon is seen on the door of an Amazon Books retail store in New York

    Amazon launches climate-friendly programme to help shop for sustainable products Inc, the world's biggest online retailer, announced the launch of a climate-friendly program on Wednesday to help customers shop for ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Fires in the Amazon: a barrier to climate change up in smoke

    Commentary: New Zealand's biggest move on climate change to date involves banks

    Including mandatory climate risk disclosures will ultimately help consumers make better decisions about where their money goes, says this observer.
  3. FILE PHOTO: "European Competition Day" at the German Economy Ministry in Berlin

    EU may allow more state aid to boost green projects

    European Union governments may be allowed to grant more state aid to projects that help the bloc achieve its climate goals, Europe's antitrust ...
  4. A volunteer picks up trash by a river during the World Cleanup Day

    China to promise 'more' in new climate pledges: Government adviser

    China will promise to "do more" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in new pledges to be delivered to the United Nations before the end of this ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Wildfire in California burns through the night north of Los Angeles

    Fierce, frequent, climate-fuelled wildfires may decimate forests worldwide

    Wildfires among ponderosa pines and Douglas firs of U.S. west have long been part of nature's cycle of renewal, as much as the changing of the ...