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  1. A cup of latte coffee is pictured at a cafe in Sydney

    Commentary: Coffee - your daily cup has a climate cost

    The process that brought you your morning latte could have produced half a kilogram of carbon dioxide, say two UCL environmental researchers.
  2. dover forest jan 2021

    Commentary: Planting trees is a safe climate action but are its benefits inflated?

    With reforestation becoming a popular choice for companies and governments’ sustainability programmes, misconceptions abound over what makes tree ...
  3. OTRD ep 39 - how to stop climate change
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    Ep 39: How To Stop Climate Change

    Germaine Tan meets a group of millennials who think they have the answer to one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced. Climate change.
  4. New Content Item
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    Ep 1: Our Carbon Problem

    Would tiny Singapore’s efforts even matter in the face of climate change? Through surprising insights and public stunts, Janil Puthucheary gets us ...
  5. The Climate Conversations podcast thumbnail
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    Climate change and the law: What's next as national courts, international law and climate action intersect? | EP 27

    As environmental groups, activists and communities turn to the law to force climate action from governments and corporations, Jaime Ho speaks to ...
  6. A bird's-eye view of ships along the coast in Singapore

    PUB to study ways to protect Singapore’s north-west coast