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  1. A flooded street seen at the Supreme Court Lane after a heavy downpour

    Commentary: As time runs out on the climate crisis, Singapore prepares to address the cost of adapting

    The threat of climate change is long term, the size of the investments concerned could be unprecedented and fundamental shifts in how the ...
  2. Experts say the EU must accelerate measures on many fronts to reach the goal of emitting no more

    Politics and finance dog EU climate zero efforts

    Momentum is growing across Europe toward a mid-century target for climate neutrality that UN scientists say the world must embrace to avert ...
  3. Rising sea temperatures linked to climate change have killed off large areas of coral in the

    Great Barrier Reef agency breaks with Australia government in climate warning

    The agency that manages the Great Barrier Reef broke ranks with Australia's conservative government to call for the "strongest and fastest ...
  4. Hot weather

    ‘Time is running out’: Tackling climate change a priority for Singapore, says Masagos

  5. Visitors look at bear Napa at the Arosa Baerenland sanctuary in the mountain resort of  Arosa

    High and dry: Alpine resorts grapple with climate change

    The prospect of searing heatwaves driving holidaymakers to cool mountains and children asking grandparents about their memories of snow is ...
  6. Pacific island nations are considered some of the world's most vulnerable to climate change

    Some reef islands resilient to climate change: Study

    The Pacific's low-lying reef islands are likely to change shape in response to climate change, rather than simply sinking beneath rising seas and ...
  7. A Malawian fisherman walks through planks and table used to dry fish. Experts say declining fish

    Empty nets as overfishing and climate change sap Lake Malawi

    On the shores of Lake Malawi, a crowd eagerly awaits the arrival of a white and yellow cedarwood boat carrying its haul.
  8. The seed bank can store the seeds of up to 25,000 plant species

    Singapore opens first seed bank to protect regional plant diversity against climate change