climate change

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  1. Virtually all of Australia's shellfish reefs have disappeared, making them the country?s most

    Commentary: The ocean is changing – it’s getting more acidic

    All life on earth will eventually be affected as an increasingly warm and acidic ocean produces less oxygen, The Ocean Foundation President Mark J ...
  2. The ADB says more infrastructure spending was needed to boost economic growth and respond to the

    Commentary: Billions spent on aid and development but what has been achieved?

    Making every development dollar count requires us to take a good hard look at how much benefit each intervention programme reaps and prioritise ...
  3. Man drinks water in the heat

    2018 was Singapore’s 8th warmest year on record: Met Service

  4. Waves crash in Batanes, Philippines

    In the path of the storm: Life in Batanes on the Philippines’ typhoon track

    Batanes is like nowhere else in Southeast Asia. Its people, the Ivatan, have endured for some 4,000 years, mostly alone in their own part of the ...
  5. heavy rain flood Singapore (1)

    Commentary: What Singapore can do to prepare for the next flood

    Floods cannot be completely eliminated, but can be managed, say Cecilia Tortajada and Asit K Biswas.
  6. Japan IWC

    Commentary: Japan PM Shinzo Abe’s harpoon hits the wrong target

    Japan Prime Minister has done himself and his country a disservice for withdrawing from the International Whaling Commission, says Financial ...
  7. A white truck on the side of a road as winter approaches.

    Commentary: An awkward conversation about climate change with an Inuit

    We are doing a terrible job of communicating climate change, says one observer.
  8. tuas waste 3

    The Big Read: As countries wage war on plastics, the jury's still out on how best to tackle the problem

    Beyond thinking about banning plastic bags, straws or other single-use plastics, experts say Singaporeans also need to review the effectiveness of ...
  9. People receiving aid in Palu

    Commentary: Indonesia's disappearing languages - all because of climate change

    Sulawesi's languages are disappearing as many small communities relocate due to climate change, says one linguist from Queen's University.
  10. Maldives former President Mohamed Nasheed

    'We are not prepared to die': Maldives tells UN climate talks