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  1. Coral reefs make up less than one percent of Earth's marine environment, but are home to an

    Researchers find 'catastrophic' coral die-off on Great Barrier Reef

    Australia's Great Barrier Reef suffered a "catastrophic die-off" of coral during an extended heatwave in 2016, threatening a broader range of reef ...
  2. Recent studies have pointed to dwindling sea ice as a likely driver of topsy-turvy winter weather

    2 degrees Celsius cap on global warming won't save Arctic sea ice: Studies

    Even if humanity stops global warming in its tracks at two degrees Celsius, long seen as the guardrail for a climate-safe world, Arctic sea ice ...
  3. A world that heats up by 2C (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) could see mass displacement due to shortages of

    Two degrees no longer seen as global warming guardrail

    Limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius will not prevent destructive and deadly climate impacts, as once hoped, dozens of experts concluded ...
  4. By 2014, more than 1.5 billion hectares of natural ecosystems had been converted to croplands,

    Land decay to displace tens of millions, global survey warns

    Land degradation will unleash a mass migration of at least 50 million people by 2050 -- as many as 700 million unless humans stop depleting the ...
  5. Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House went dark for an hour Saturday to  kick off a global

    World cities go dark as global Earth Hour climate campaign kicks off

    The Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower and Moscow's Red Square were among the world landmarks to go dark on Saturday (Mar 24), as part of a ...
  6. Weather in January 2018

    Commentary: Climate change needs better storytelling to address severe threats

    The World Economic Forum says extreme weather events are the most likely and most severe threat facing humanity in 2018 yet climate change doesn’t ...
  7. (pp) Tapestry rice1

    Floating rice: The climate-resilient alternative for Cambodia’s food production

    Grown in floods and thriving without pesticides, floating rice offers Cambodia a sustainable alternative for its eco-friendly food production amid ...
  8. Singapore plans a carbon tax on facilities such as petrochemical plants

    Commentary: Carbon tax a conscientious approach for a sustainable future

    Where the announced carbon tax rate at Budget 2018 has seen a downward revision from a previously mentioned range, two experts discuss the merits ...