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  1. Members of the European Greens party Gabor Vago and Bas Eickhout campaign for the European Election

    Surfing the Green wave? Climate party hopes ride high in EU vote

    An ebb in support for mainstream parties is raising hopes among Europe's Greens that they could act as kingmakers in the next European Parliament, ...
  2. Climate change activists from the Extinction Rebellion protest at the Parliament Square in London

    Commentary: Cutting carbon emissions is costly but refusing is costlier

    The world must respond to climate change by getting the price of future green energy below that of fossil fuels so that everyone can afford to ...
  3. Australia's newly elected Prime Minister Scott Morrison will now have to grapple between

    Australia election could have global climate impact

    Brutal droughts, floods and wildfires were expected to make the environment a pivotal issue in Australia's election, instead victory for the ...
  4. Salt farming in the Vietnamese town of Hon Khoi is punishing work, and incomes are unstable

    Mineral misery: Vietnam salt farmers battered by imports, climate

    The salt farmers of Hon Khoi rise before dawn as they have for generations, fanning out across shallow seawater pools in southern Vietnam to ...
  5. Guterres' South Pacific tour includes Fiji, New Zealand and Tuvalu and will highlight the

    UN chief hails Pacific's 'moral authority' on climate

    UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Wednesday the Pacific possesses "a unique moral authority" to demand global action on climate change ...
  6. Mural in Melbourne shows Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison holding a lump of coal as it

    Indigenous Australians take government to UN over climate change

  7. Antonio Guterres

    UN kicks off major climate change effort

  8. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that the world is losing the battle against climate

    UN chief says world 'not on track' with climate change

    UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres launched a brief South Pacific tour in New Zealand Sunday, warning the world was "not on track" to limiting ...
  9. Britain -- and most of Europe -- has been gripped by extreme cold weather and major snowfall

    Commentary: Extreme weather doesn't change the minds of climate change doubters

    Climate change coverage and messages are sending sceptics in the opposite direction, Ryan Weber, a professor at the University of Alabama points out.
  10. It was the first time the Arctic Council, which held its first meeting in 1996, failed to present a

    US climate sceptics send shivers through Arctic cooperation

    For the first time in over two decades, member states of the Arctic Council failed to agree on a final declaration at their bi-annual ministerial ...