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  1. fairpirce warehouse

    Commentary: Has COVID-19 made e-commerce and online shopping the new normal?

    As the coronavirus outbreak rages, will this shift towards online shopping, food delivery and e-groceries be permanent? SUSS’ Chong Guan and ...
  2. New Content Item
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    Ep 1: China's Digital Empire

    Will China’s tech sector emerge as a new pillar of the country’s new economy amidst the continuing trade war and the rapid spread of COVID-19?
  3. It has been a long journey for Rayner Loi, from finance undergraduate to CEO of his own start-up.

    Commentary: The future just got brighter for aspiring Singapore tech entrepreneurs

    A slew of grants, programmes and high-level political attention on the start-up scene has given aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore a boost, says ...
  4. Security researchers say UN and other humanitarian workers are being targeted by phony emails by

    Commentary: The rise of the digital economy and tech-driven inequality

    Can the tech revolution be an equaliser instead? UNESCAP’s Jonathan Wong thinks so
  5. primary school students

    Commentary: The rise of the digital economy – and how education may be transformed

    Young Singaporeans must be taught digital skillsets, but changes will also be needed to the focus of education and the training of teachers, says ...
  6. Man sleeping in the bus

    Commentary: Not enough time? Transforming work and sleeping better in a digital world

    Transforming current work and study habits to allow for more sleep and more efficient time use will result in better cognitive performance, ...
  7. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
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    Will you give an e-hongbao this Chinese New Year?

    As celebrations for the Lunar New Year begin, many of us will be preparing red packets to give out to family and friends. But will the rise of ...
  8. Smart AI makes air-conditioning cheaper, more efficient | Video
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    Smart AI makes air-conditioning cheaper, more efficient | Video

    Artificial intelligence is taking control of some building air-conditioning systems in Singapore to make them more energy efficient.