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  1. Smart AI makes air-conditioning cheaper, more efficient | Video
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    Smart AI makes air-conditioning cheaper, more efficient | Video

    Artificial intelligence is taking control of some building air-conditioning systems in Singapore to make them more energy efficient.
  2. In Con FY20 Ep 10
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    Ep 10: Kristalina Georgieva, the International Monetary Fund's Managing Director

    Nearly 500 million jobs have been lost in the pandemic so far. But is the worst of the recession over? Or are darker days still ahead? In ...
  3. Power Balance
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    Ep 19: Power Balance

    The post-pandemic balance of power between the world's two largest economies - who will come out on top, the United States or China, and what does ...
  4. Reform And Transform
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    Reform And Transform

    This year Singapore and China mark 30 years of diplomatic relations. CNA Correspondent discovers the transformation that has taken place through ...
  5. Cables and computers are seen inside a data centre at an office in the heart of the financial distr

    Commentary: When our insatiable appetite for data can harm the environment too

    Even though most of us rely on the Internet daily, so few of us think about the energy needed to store, supply and capture data, says an observer.
  6. Worker scans a WeChat Pay QR code to buy takeaway meal for lunch near a construction site following

    Commentary: Why China is one of few countries to achieve growth this year

    Unlike most of the world, China seems unlikely to become mired in a long recession, not least because of its rapid digital transformation, says ...
  7. Asia Default Image

    20 years on, Japan government's digital ambitions still stuck in piles of paper

    Two decades after Japan rolled out an ambitious plan to go digital, the COVID-19 crisis has exposed the government's deeply rooted technological ...
  8. Singapore city skyline

    Commentary: Artificial intelligence and automation would actually benefit Singapore

    Machine learning and other digital innovations can help Singapore businesses and workers increase productivity and maintain their competitive ...
  9. fairpirce warehouse

    Commentary: Has COVID-19 made e-commerce and online shopping the new normal?

    As the coronavirus outbreak rages, will this shift towards online shopping, food delivery and e-groceries be permanent? SUSS’ Chong Guan and ...
  10. It has been a long journey for Rayner Loi, from finance undergraduate to CEO of his own start-up.

    Commentary: The future just got brighter for aspiring Singapore tech entrepreneurs

    A slew of grants, programmes and high-level political attention on the start-up scene has given aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore a boost, says ...