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  1. Companies in Singapore have already started testing drones for commercial use

    Singapore to launch maritime drone zone, mulls mandatory registration of drones

    “We are mindful of the potential safety and security threats arising from its errant and irresponsible use, as seen from the incidents at Gatwick ...
  2. Former MCI minister Yaacob Ibrahim visits GPS Lands

    Singapore map tech company, GPS Lands, wants to navigate its way to global success

    Company founder Gerry Ong believes acquiring advanced technologies like LiDAR and equipping employees to use it will position the company to ...
  3. Dubai Airport terminal

    Dubai Airport says flights delayed due to drone activity: Statement

  4. Volocopter Singapore

    Commentary: Reviewing the airworthiness of Singapore’s air taxi dreams

    If kinks like safety concerns and air traffic management can be ironed out, the country’s dreams might just get lift off, says transport ...
  5. Thai girl drone racing

    Thai girl, 11, wins world drone racing competition

  6. HDB building inspection using drones 1

    Heady days: Use of drones to detect defects on HDB blocks takes flight

    The small-scale, one-week pilot at the end of July saw the Housing and Development Board’s drone operator inspect four public housing blocks in ...