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  1. China Great Hall

    China approves foreign investment law, possible US olive branch

  2. Australia's economy has been thrust to the front and centre of an already contentious general

    Australia's economy slows ahead of election

  3. This file photo taken November 9, 2017 in Beijing shows President Donald Trump and Chinese President

    US and China close to reaching major trade deal: Report

    The United States and China are close to reaching a major trade deal that would see both sides lower some of the tariffs imposed during an ...
  4. A meal at the Dobrodomik cafe also gives a chance for pensioners to meet and chat

    For Russians, growing worries over 'eternal poverty'

    At a Saint Petersburg cafe, a singer performs Soviet-era tunes for 50 pensioners enjoying a mid-day meal.
  5. Army Safety Inspectorate checking live firing

    Day 2 of Committee of Supply debates: 5 key takeaways

  6. Pioneering British engineer and founder of the Dyson company, James Dyson, plans to start building

    Commentary: Why big businesses like Dyson have moved their HQs elsewhere in the world

    Big businesses are moving their headquarters away from the UK amidst uncertainty surrounding Brexit, says Carmen Raluca Stoian, International ...
  7. U.S.-China trade delegations hold trade talks at the White House in Washington

    Commentary: US trade negotiators risk underestimating China

    The US economy’s current strength appears fleeting. Its short-term resilience is already faltering and, in view of worrisome long-term ...
  8. A customer enters a store attached to a cosmetics factory in Pyongyang. A modest amount of economic

    North Korea seeks sweet smell of success ahead of summit

    The manager of North Korea's Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory clenches her fists when asked about a rival plant in Pyongyang, then bumps them together.