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  1. Changi airport scanner wuhan virus

    Compulsory leave of absence for students, teachers returning from China: MOE

  2. Sinking coastlines in Indonesia school

    Commentary: Indonesia seeks to abolish national exams but could end up creating a new rat race

    Moving away from a high-stakes graduation exam to an evaluative assessment may bring about improvements in classroom teaching and learning, says ...
  3. Students attending a mathematics class at a primary school

    Schools step up precautions after Wuhan virus case confirmed in Singapore

  4. Out of the 6,500 people arrested since Hong Kong's protests started in June, about one third

    Hong Kong teachers living in fear over protest support

    Hong Kong's teachers say they are living in fear as the city's democracy protests rumble on, with some not daring to discuss the movement and ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Japan's Environment Minister Koizumi attends a news conference at PM Abe's of

    Japan minister Koizumi to take paternity leave, aims to be role model

    Japanese environment minister Shinjiro Koizumi will soon announce he is taking paternity leave, a government official said on Wednesday, as he ...