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  1. A protester holds a donation box for strikers in front of a banner portraying President Emmanuel

    Protests across France against pensions overhaul

    Protesters again poured into streets across France on Friday hoping to derail a hotly contested pension overhaul, whose fate will soon be in the ...
  2. Musicians perform at the Paris Opera in support of the strike against President Emmanuel

    Tear gas, arrests in new anti-Macron demo in Paris

    French police fired tear gas under a rain of projectiles and arrested dozens of people on Saturday as thousands of "yellow vest" anti-government ...
  3. Protesters were demonstrating outside the theatre against Macron's reforms

    French president Macron rushed from Paris theatre during protest

    French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife were rushed from a Paris theatre late Friday after protesters tried to burst in and disrupt the ...
  4. France faces its forty-third consecutive day of strikes

    French unions block ports as pension strikes lose steam

    French trade unions blocked ports and disrupted power production on Thursday, searching for a way to force President Emmanuel Macron to ditch a ...
  5. With insurgent attacks mounting, hostility towards France is growing in the region, including in

    France, Sahel nations vow to step up anti-militant fight

    France and its five partner nations in the Sahel region of West Africa pledged on Monday (Jan 13) to bolster their fight against militants waging ...
  6. The strikes were sparked by the government's plan to overhaul the country's pension system

    French government offers compromise to end transport strike

    France's government Saturday extended a hand to unions waging a crippling, weeks-long transport strike against pension reform, offering to ...
  7. France faces its thirty-sixth consecutive day of strikes

    French unions battle Macron in make-or-break pension protest

    French trade unions disrupted rail services, cut power output and brought demonstrators onto the streets in cities across France on Thursday in a ...
  8. France's President Macron visits the Ivory Coast

    France's Macron discusses Middle East crisis with Iraqi, UAE leaders

    French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the latest tensions in the Middle East on Saturday with Iraq President Barham Salih and with the de ...
  9. Public transport in Paris has been crippled by strike over pension reforms now in its fourth week.

    French government huddles as unions vow to harden strike

    French officials met Friday to set out their strategy ahead of fresh talks with unions furious over planned pension overhauls, with labour leaders ...