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  1. Investigators work near the site of an explosion on 2nd Avenue that occurred the day before in Nash

    Nashville blast suspect died in explosion, police say

    The 63-year-old suspect in the bombing that rocked Nashville on Christmas Day morning was killed in the blast that destroyed his motor home and ...
  2. Site of an explosion in the village of Ain Qana in southern Lebanon

    Iran-backed Hezbollah's arm depot explodes in south Lebanon: Source

    An arms depot of the Iran-backed Shi'ite Muslim group Hezbollah exploded in southern Lebanon on Tuesday, a security source said, injuring several ...
  3. 'Unbelievable': Another fire in Beirut unnerves shattered residents

    'Unbelievable': Another fire in Beirut unnerves shattered residents

    A fire erupted in a landmark building in Beirut's commercial district on Tuesday (Sep 15), the second blaze this month to send shudders through a ...
  4. Civil defense vehicles leave for Amman at the highway between Amman and the city of Zarqa

    Huge explosions rock military facility in Jordan, army blames heat wave

    A series of massive explosions that rocked Jordan's second largest city early on Friday was caused by mortar shells stored at an army munitions ...
  5. Protests following Tuesday's blast in Beirut

    Lebanese call for an uprising after protests rocked Beirut

    Some Lebanese called on Sunday for a sustained uprising to topple their leaders amid public fury over this week's devastating explosion in Beirut, ...