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  1. Religious leaders pose with advisory booklet

    Religious organisations get more help on handling fake news

  2. During the 2016 US presidential campaign, researchers from Princeton University and New York

    Older people, conservatives more likely to share fake news: Study

    Facebook users aged 65 plus and conservatives are more likely to share fake news on the platform than younger or more liberal counterparts, ...
  3. In 2016, more than 100 pro-Donald Trump websites were being run from one town in Macedonia.

    Meet the fake news trolls who influenced US and Indonesian polls for money

    They have popped up in election campaigns from the United States to Malaysia to Indonesia. A small town in Europe was even dubbed the world's fake ...
  4. Edwin Tong

    Bill on deliberate online falsehoods could be tabled by first half of 2019: Edwin Tong

  5. The conflict in eastern Ukraine has claimed over 10,000 lives.

    How fake news fanned the flames of war in Ukraine

    Before Mr Donald Trump deployed the term, and before Russian trolls tried to influence the 2016 US elections, the problem of fake news began in ...
  6. Zoe Tay retirement retiring fake news

    She's not going anywhere: 'Zoe Tay’s retirement' is fake news, says Mediacorp

    Regarding the online assertions, a police report will be filed on the actress’ behalf.
  7. Fake CNA webpage

    Fake webpage impersonating Channel NewsAsia removed after take-down notice served

    The page on All Deals Hub was made to look like a Channel NewsAsia article and showed presenter Cheryl Fox endorsing a slimming product.
  8. Facebook launched its "war room," pictured in October 2018, at its Menlo Park headquarters

    Commentary: Can Facebook maintain staff morale?

    While Facebook employees still praise the free food and other perks, fewer are optimistic about the company's future, the Financial Times’ Hannah ...
  9. Edwin Tong at fake news hearing in United Kingdom

    Facebook admits 'serious mistake' after Edwin Tong questions failure to remove hate post in Sri Lanka