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  1. Making Room 510 sq ft HDB flat Hero (2)

    Transforming a 510 sq ft HDB flat to accommodate a couple's eclectic passions

    CNA Lifestyle’s Making Room series looks at small homes with big transformations. This week, we visit a three-room resale flat with some simple ...
  2. A view of HDB blocks against the Singapore skyline

    HDB resale prices rise for 5th straight quarter in Q2

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    Singapore residential property market: Are cooling measures due soon after year of rising prices?

    Record prices have been set in the private residential market and HDB prices have been rising steadily over the past year. What’s behind these ...
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    The Singapore property market: Is it changing for good?

    In October, private home sales fell by 50 per cent. What does that say about the health of the Singapore property market? Have government curbs ...
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    Is it time to go after smokers who light up near the windows of their homes?

    With more people confined to their homes, complaints about second-hand smoke have increased by 20 per cent. The divide is deep on this argument.
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    COVID-19 and the outlook for Singapore’s residential property market in 2020 and beyond

    There’s no let-up on the bleak projections for the Singapore economy this year and one big sector Singaporeans will be watching closely is the ...
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    Responsible pet ownership in Singapore's flats – it's not just about size

    Larger local mixed-breed dogs can now be rehomed in HDB flats under revised rules. But why is there a size limit in the first place? Why not lift ...
  8. Good List Bad List dual thumbnail
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    The one about the grabby Grab Hitch driver and the impeached President

    Up for consideration this week: The perils of getting in cars with strangers, and how one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make just got a ...
  9. The Pulse
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    The Pulse - Depleting HDB Leases and VERS

    Do schemes such as VERS mitigate your concerns about depleting HDB leases? How will it impact buying decisions in the resale market?
  10. Man smoking at home. (Photo: iStock)

    Commentary: If people smoke at home, the problem of secondhand smoke will not go away

    Another initiative to get people not to smoke in their homes and bother their neighbours has been launched. But the issue of regulating smoking in ...