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  1. Daryl Lee's renovated HDB flat

    A girlfriend-approved HDB 'man cave' with room for comics, gaming and fast cars

    CNA Lifestyle’s Making Room series looks at small homes that were given big transformations. This week, we step into a 660-sq-ft flat where the ...
  2. Making room Roystern Tan

    Turning a 650 sq-ft HDB flat into a spacious, streamlined home with a glass 'foyer'

    CNA Lifestyle’s new series Making Room takes a look at small homes that have been given big transformations. This week, a bachelor pad that ...
  3. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
    Media playtime

    Responsible pet ownership in Singapore's flats – it's not just about size

    Larger local mixed-breed dogs can now be rehomed in HDB flats under revised rules. But why is there a size limit in the first place? Why not lift ...
  4. HDB flats

    Commentary: The road to housing for single, unwed mothers is clearer but still bumpy

    Housing is arguably the most fundamental practical issue that unwed mothers must deal with, says Shailey Hingorani, Head of Research and Advocacy ...