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  1. Hong Kong protestors in masks and goggles

    Commentary: Behind Hong Kong’s extradition bill protests – a looming divide, growing pessimism about the future

    The outcry against Hong Kong's extradition bill against a backdrop of warning confidence in city institutions show much work will be needed to ...
  2. Pro-democracy lawmakers hold five minutes of silence in the Legislative Council

    Hong Kong lawmakers grill security chief over protest violence

  3. Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong poses during an interview with AFP outside the government

    Hong Kong's 'leaderless' protesters mull next move

    Hong Kong's "leaderless" demonstrations brought millions of people onto the streets and forced the city's pro-Beijing leadership into a rare ...
  4. Taiwan flags near protesters attending a demonstration in Hong Kong on Jun 16

    Many in Hong Kong, fearful of China's grasp, flee to Taiwan

  5. Hong Kong protests

    British PM May raises Hong Kong protests with China's vice premier

  6. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam attends a news conference in Hong Kong

    China won't allow Hong Kong leader to step down despite mass unrest: HK official

    Beijing will not let Hong Kong's leader, Carrie Lam, step down even if she wanted to, a senior city government official close to her said on ...