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  1. Indonesia's Taufiq Kiemas a skilful political negotiator
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    Indonesia's Taufiq Kiemas a skilful political negotiator

    Taufiq Kiemas skilfully bridges communications with the Yudhoyono administration such that the two sides had a good working relationship.
  2. The 74th Cannes Film Festival - News conference for the film "La fracture" in competition

    Cannes film about a hospital on the edge takes aim at Macron's France

    Set in a hospital where overworked medics are grappling with an influx of injured demonstrators, darkly comic French movie "The Divide" presents a ...
  3. Manful’s Story
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    Ep 4: Manful’s Story

    Having chosen to call Singapore home, Manful Chan was more than ready to step up and be counted in the battle against COVID-19. As a hospital ...
  4. India's COVID Catastrophe
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    Ep 9: India's COVID Catastrophe

    Can India face down and recover from the gravest threat to its survival?
  5. FILE PHOTO: Patient suffering from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) receives treatment inside the

    Commentary: My harrowing brush with COVID-19 in New Delhi as India is ravaged

    It was harrowing to be sick from a notoriously unpredictable virus knowing that drugs, hospital beds and oxygen were scarce, says the Financial ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: Lockdown in the streets of Hamburg

    German hospital chief sees first signs of COVID-19 easing: Report

    Stable new COVID-19 infection numbers in Germany are fuelling hopes that intensive care units won't be overburdened, the head of the German ...
  7. Outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Toronto

    Ontario hospitals may have to withhold care as COVID-19 fills ICUs

    Doctors in the Canadian province of Ontario may soon have to decide who can and cannot receive treatment in intensive care as the number of ...