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  1. India's Temple-Mosque Conundrum
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    Ep 35: India's Temple-Mosque Conundrum

    Will the decision to award Hindus the right to build a temple on a disputed site propel India towards a new trajectory of turmoil?
  2. Savitri Prasad and her husband Gulshan pose after taking their wedding vows inside Savitri's p

    Amid Delhi's blood-letting, a Hindu bride weds in a Muslim neighbourhood

    As deadly clashes between Hindu and Muslim groups rocked parts of the Indian capital Delhi this week, the family of a young Hindu woman living in ...
  3. A Picture and its Story: A mob out for blood: India's protests pit Hindus against Muslims

    A mob out for blood: India's protests pit Hindus against Muslims

    Mohammad Zubair was on his way home from a local mosque in northeast New Delhi when he came across a large crowd. He turned towards an underpass ...
  4. Indonesian faithful Topan Rizki Utraden prays inside a Mobile Mosque in Tokyo

    Olympics - Unique solution rolls in to help Muslims pray at Tokyo Games

    For the thousands of Muslim athletes, officials and supporters arriving in Tokyo for the Olympic Games later this year, it may be a struggle for ...
  5. Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad delivers his speech during the opening ceremony

    Commentary: Malaysia wades into tricky waters with Kuala Lumpur Summit

    Behind Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s attempt at a conference to discuss issues relevant to the Muslim world are objectives that hit closer to ...
  6. Saudi Arabia's Al-Nefud desert

    Sun, sea and Saudi: How countries around the world are courting Muslim tourists

    As Muslims are expected to spend an estimated S$244 billion on travel this year – a figure set to increase to S$380 billion by 2023 – countries ...