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  1. Banyan Tree Essentials Thai Chamanard Travel Set

    Singapore pride: Homegrown brands Banyan Tree and KrisShop join forces

    After forming a brand partnership with KrisShop, the flagship retailer of Singapore Airlines (SIA), Banyan Tree’s exclusive offerings will be made ...
  2. How to shop online for a bespoke perfume Chanel No 5

    No perfume testers, no problem: How to shop for bespoke scents online

    Testing beauty products is still a no-go. But unlike lipsticks or foundation on-sight, buying perfumes can be trickier. Here are some tips if ...
  3. What's next for the watch industry

    In a post-pandemic world, will you be able to purchase more watches online?

    For an industry so heavily reliant on the physical experience, will switching to e-commerce save watchmakers, distributors and retailers?
  4. The smart person’s guide to celebrating dads

    The smart person’s guide to celebrating dads

    Now that you can take Dad out on Father’s Day, here’s how to make it an even more memorable celebration.
  5. Lancel

    FJ Benjamin to launch e-commerce for fashion brands Lancel, Axel Arigato

    Online stores for the two brands will be launched in the region “in the coming weeks”, the fashion retailer said.
  6. Bvlgari Singapore E-shop

    Roman jeweller Bvlgari launches Singapore online store ahead of Italy

    Singapore is the first of seven new countries to have its own e-commerce boutique. Look out for AR features, such as the one where you can scale a ...
  7. What Asian women are buying online during coronavirus

    What Asian women are buying online to make themselves feel better

    As the region bunkers down amid the pandemic, sales of comfortable clothing, workout attire and lingerie have surged, according to luxury ...