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  1. Every weekend, Reymark Cavesirano paddles out across Manila Bay on a makeshift raft of styrofoam to

    'We need to eat': Philippine boy's struggle to feed his family

    Reymark Cavesirano, 13, leaves before dawn each weekend day on a perilous trip out into Manila Bay to make enough to feed his family, one of ...
  2. Thai guns 7

    Commentary: Uncovering the dangerous subculture behind gun violence in Thailand

    Gun homicides in Thailand are striking. To prevent them we should look beyond the numbers and headlines at what is fuelling these incidents, says ...
  3. Philippines women activists

    Thousands march against Duterte on International Women's Day

    Thousands of women took to the streets of Manila Friday in protest against President Rodrigo Duterte's alleged misogyny as an exhibition marking ...
  4. Plastic pollution is a major problem in the Philippines, which is frequently isted among the

    Philippines survey shows 'shocking' plastic waste

    An audit in the Philippines has shown the country uses a "shocking" amount of single-use plastic, including nearly 60 billion sachets a year, a ...
  5. Mahathir Mohamad in the Philippines

    Malaysian PM Mahathir warns Philippines against foreigner influx

  6. USGS map showing earthquake near Mindanao

    5.7-magnitude earthquake strikes off Mindanao, Philippines

  7. The US has vowed to keep open the South China Sea to trade and sails warships through the waterway

    Philippine defence chief calls for US pact review

    The decades-old defence treaty between the United States and the Philippines needs to be revamped, or risks dragging Manila into a war with China, ...