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  1. At least 135,000 people were evacuated after the Taal volcano in the Philippines burst to life two

    Philippines lowers volcano alert, thousands can return home

    A major explosion of the Philippines' restive Taal volcano no longer appears imminent, authorities said Sunday as they partially lifted a mass ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Damaged trees are seen on Taal Volcano Island in Batangas

    Philippines lowers volcano danger level

    Philippine volcanologists on Sunday lowered the alert status of a volcano near the Philippine capital to 3 from 4 to indicate a "decreased ...
  3. Homes in the area around the Taal volcano have been left covered in mud and ash

    Signs of life at 'no-man's land' around Philippine volcano

    A desolate landscape of ash dunes and bare trees left by the eruption of the Philippines' Taal volcano lay in contrast with a few signs of life at ...
  4. Although no people have been reported killed in the eruption, it has wrought havoc on agriculture

    Evacuation crackdown ordered as Philippine volcano seethes

    Philippine officials ordered a crackdown Monday on people being allowed daily visits to the homes they fled after Taal volcano erupted, citing ...
  5. The Lost Boys Of Palawan | Video
    Media playtime

    The Lost Boys Of Palawan | Video

    Their lives depend on the sea. But as fishing can no longer feed their families, the 'Lost Boys' of Palawan in the Philippines adapt their ...
  6. Spoiled paradise: Plastic waste in Lampung Bay, Indonesia

    Commentary: Recycle or reduce waste? Why Southeast Asia’s ocean plastic pile has no easy answers

    A great number of reasons are fuelling a great deal of ocean plastic, says Tim Hill.