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  1. SAF enlistees at the oath taking ceremony with safe distancing

    Commentary: We cannot allow COVID-19 to disrupt our relationships too

    Perhaps the social disruptions of COVID-19 will eventually enable us to build stronger social relationships, says Annie Tan.
  2. Until Tomorrow premier league

    Why are people posting unflattering images of themselves on Instagram? 

    The latest viral challenge called Until Tomorrow requires users to post bad photos of themselves and leave them up for 24 hours. Blame it on ...
  3. Opening image

    Behind the scenes with the creators of designs you would have seen in public

    Two local creatives tell us how technology has transformed their work. In partnership with Singtel.
  4. Chiara Ferragni Instagram_mod

    'Don't be selfish': Pandemic offers social media influencers captive audiences

    Some have been sharing their experiences living with the virus, others encourage encourage people to work out and “not freak out”.
  5. FILE PHOTO: A Facebook logo is displayed on a smartphone in this illustration

    Facebook bug causes legitimate COVID-19 posts to be marked as spam: Executive

    Facebook's head of safety said on Tuesday a bug was responsible for posts on topics including coronavirus being erroneously marked as spam, ...
  6. Tiktok HERO_mod

    Jack Neo, disco queens, clean hands: TikTok's catchy coronavirus PSAs

    Who knew all it takes for hygiene tips to catch on were jazz hands? Here are some of the more helpful (and entertaining) ones we’ve seen floating ...