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  1. The state regulator has repeatedly warned Facebook and Twitter they could be banned if they do not

    Russian watchdog launches 'administrative proceedings' against Facebook, Twitter

    Russia's media watchdog Roskomnadzor launched "administrative proceedings" Monday against US social media giants Facebook and Twitter, accusing ...
  2. NYT - How we apologise now

    How we apologise now: The popularity of saying sorry on social media

    To be famous in 2019, one must possess (in addition to talent, or at least popularity) a patina of authenticity and a willingness to admit wrongdoing.
  3. Marie Kondo commentary header

    Commentary: If you don’t learn to love tidying up, Marie Kondo can’t save you

    Just as you wouldn’t need a doctor to tell you to take a shower, no cleaning guru (or Netflix show) should have to tell you to keep your home tidy.
  4. Depression in a coner

    Social media linked to higher risk of depression in teen girls

  5. file photo phone woman 4

    Watch that tweet! China cracks whip on government social media image

  6. Instagram angered many users with a design change requiring them to scroll horizontally through

    Instagram blames 'bug' for design change that prompted backlash

    Instagram said Thursday it accidentally rolled out a design change to a large number of users and quickly ended the test after complaints from ...
  7. Adoptees 1

    Sisters adopted by different families reunited after 50 years, search on for 5 more siblings

    Adopted by another family shortly after she was born, Mdm Parameswari Govindasamy thought she was an only child. But with one phone call, she ...