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  1. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Farms

    Chef Ming Tan finds out why Singapore's farmers need to grow more food, and discovers a burgeoning agri-tech industry. But why are the millions ...
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    Ep 1: Feeding A City: The Producers

    Some 10% of Singapore's food supply comes from local farms. The aim is to boost this three-fold by 2030. What does farming look like in a modern ...
  3. Bjorn Low, Edible Garden City

    Bjorn Low: ‘Every Singaporean can help Singapore become more food resilient’

    As the country advances towards its goal of producing 30 per cent of its nutritional needs by 2030, executive director of Edible Garden City Bjorn ...
  4. Urban farming in Singapore

    Raising the roof: Cultivating Singapore’s urban farming scene

    Call it a social movement or Singapore’s solution to sustainable self-sufficiency, but urban farming in our garden city is growing to new heights.
  5. Verti Veggies

    Commentary: Is Singapore’s decades-long shift away from agriculture about to take a U-turn?

    The food industry can thrive in land-scarce Singapore, looking at other small but successful food exporting countries, says RSIS’ Paul Teng.