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Mike Yeo

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. FILE PHOTO: A man looks on from a balcony of an apartment building near the Sydney Opera House

    Commentary: Australia’s high-rise apartment block lockdowns could have been avoided

    With low vaccination rates and slow restrictions when outbreaks occur, it’s little wonder why apartment blocks can be lightning rods in Australia, ...
  2. Malaysia scrambled fighter jets to intercept the Chinese air force transport planes that appeared

    Commentary: The trickiness of dealing with stray aircraft when territorial lines are grey

    Malaysia’s encounter with Chinese military aircraft in early June illustrates how tackling foreign aircraft coming close can be a grey area in a ...
  3. H-6 bomber of Chinese PLA Air Force flies near a Taiwan F-16 in this February 10, 2020 handout photo

    Commentary: They already have jet bombers and super missiles. Will Chinese fighter jets be more powerful than America’s soon?

    China’s military modernisation has proceeded with impressive speed, but there are reasons why buying Chinese arms might be off the cards for most ...
  4. Israel's army said the Iron Dome anti-missile system had intercepted over 1,000 rockets fired

    Commentary: How Israel’s Iron Dome became a double-edged sword

    The Irone Dome air defence system against rockets was a game-changer for Israel – including in ways that have also been unfortunate, says defence ...
  5. Naval officers pay their respects during a remembrance ceremony for the crew of the KRI Nanggala

    Commentary: Questions arise over Indonesian military’s maintenance programmes after submarine sinking

    Many modern militaries operate old platforms. The greater challenge is whether maintenance programmes have kept up, says defence analysts Mike Yeo.
  6. SAF personnel (2)

    Commentary: Militaries, the surprising allies – when men in green fight for a greener world

    Bold plans underway augur well for Singapore’s carbon footprint and its defence quotient, says Mike Yeo.
  7. China's drones are now flying in the Middle East, as Beijing is more willing than the United

    Commentary: China’s cheap drones are finally taking off, with many uses and huge implications

    The proliferation of drones China produces for commercial use and military operations could alter the geostrategic balance, says Defense News’ ...
  8. RSAF Island Air Defence Operations Demonstration 05

    Commentary: Fighter jets get attention but defending Singapore against rockets and drones require very different tools

    The Republic of Singapore has been gradually adding new capabilities and developing its air defence systems but recent developments suggest an ...
  9. Three Republic of Singapore Air Force F-16 aircraft

    Commentary: Noisy RSAF aircraft and annoyed residents - some compromises are needed

    With more people working from home, military aircraft taking off and landing can affect residents but let’s not forget flight training is ...
  10. A spike in new cases has forced Victoria state in Australia to reimpose lockdown measures, including

    Commentary: How did Melbourne become the centre of the ‘world’s strictest lockdown’?

    Melbourne residents have little choice now but to accept curfews and more restrictions, as the state of Victoria battles its fiercest surge in ...