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  1. The Singapore Airshow is Asia's biggest aviation event

    Commentary: Singapore Airshow in a COVID-19 outbreak – smaller but not quite

    Smaller crowds and fewer exhibitors may have turned up but the aviation community still says the Singapore Airshow gets their vote of confidence, ...
  2. RSAF Marina Barrage aerial display preview Ng Eng Hen

    Commentary: The road to getting the F-35s up and ready for Singapore

    The US Department of Defence announced an approval of sale of up to 12 F-35s to Singapore on Friday. The Republic of Singapore Air Force will face ...
  3. Taiwan Air Force's F-16 fighter jets

    Commentary: Fighter jet sales to Taiwan and the complex US-China balance of power

    The move to sell US fighter jets to Taiwan has stirred fresh debate about the region’s balance of power, amid a brewing US-China rivalry, says ...
  4. HDB building inspection using drones 1

    Commentary: We are woefully ill-equipped to deal with rogue drones

    Airports, authorities and societies are grappling with the fact that drones cost little but have huge impact for public safety and the aviation ...
  5. U.S. ScanEagle Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    Commentary: Was tough talk on South China Sea to boost US export of drones to Southeast Asia?

    The US’ decision to equip Southeast Asian countries with the ScanEagle drones demonstrate the US’s commitment to the security to its allies and ...
  6. Mahathir at Langkawi airshow

    Commentary: Palm oil for fighter jets? The illusion of defence in Malaysia

    Can Malaysia really strike a barter trade to acquire military weaponry? Air force expert Mike Yeo dives into the issues.
  7. China has denied US allegations that two Chinese Sukhoi SU-30 fighter jets -- like this one from the

    Commentary: Plagued by defence budget curbs - the Royal Malaysian Air Force in crisis

    Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s comments that Malaysia has no intent of buying new fighter jets reflects a longstanding challenge of funding the ...
  8. f-35 singapore airshow

    Commentary: Was Singapore’s announcement to buy a small number of F-35s too slow, too tentative?

    Buying a small number allows the Republic of Singapore Air Force to understand how best to integrate the Joint Strike Fighter's game-changing ...
  9. File photo of the F-35 Lightning II planes arriving at Edwards Air Force Base in California

    Commentary: The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will change the rules of the air power game

    The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will provide sharper sensing for other advanced weaponry in the Singapore Armed Force’s arsenal if it is selected, ...
  10. F-35 fighter jet

    Commentary: The Republic of Singapore Air Force's likely new fighter jet

    Russian and Chinese offerings would present significant inter-operability issues with the rest of the SAF’s equipment, which are almost ...