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  1. Google's new Pixel 4XL and Pixel 4 smartphones

    Google's new Pixel 4 offers motion sensors, face unlock and 2 rear cameras

    CNA Lifestyle was at the annual Made By Google event in New York to check out the new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL, as well as other new products. It’s ...
  2. Angela Loh

    As jewellery fans get more polished, she knows how to satisfy their desires

    With the annual JeweLuxe festival a month away, its founder Angela Loh tells CNA Luxury what shoppers, investors and connoisseurs should look out ...
  3. Architect Robert Cheng, design principal of Brewin Design Office

    The architect who doesn't rush perfection – he's spent 19 years on his father's home

    Brewin Design Office’s Robert Cheng ethos of "discreet luxury" means each project is timeless, unhurried and fine-tuned to the smallest detail.
  4. Virgin Galactic spaceport

    To infinity and beyond: An inside look at the world’s first commercial spaceport

    Virgin Galactic’s Gateway to Space will be the launchpad for the world’s first commercial space flights, slated to launch in 2020 – for those able ...
  5. HSBC Head of Retail Banking & Wealth Management Anurag Mathur

    Who are the people that need to bank with HSBC's Jade Centre at Jewel Changi?

    The world is changing, and so are the needs of international customers with global interests, says the bank’s Head of Retail Banking & Wealth ...
  6. Cafes and restaurants at The Capitol Kempinski

    Foodie Capitol: 6 dining venues to check out at The Capitol Kempinski

    A retro American diner, an updated German beer garden and four other establishments vie for your attention.
  7. Simon Naga is the VP of Al-Futtaim Asia (Retail)

    Why e-commerce will never completely replace brick-and-mortar shopping

    According to retail veteran Simon Naga, who handles brands like Reebok and Zara locally, Singaporeans might be a tech-savvy lot, but they also ...
  8. Remarkable Living Access Edmund Ng 9

    Inside the home of the Singapore architect who built a love letter to his wife

    Award-winning architect Edmund Ng, renowned for his visionary yet timeless work, takes us on a tour of a recent project: His own home with ...
  9. Remarkable Living Destinations Fritz Coffee HERO

    Six friends build a hipster cafe in the heart of old Seoul in a blend of old and new

    Grandmas selling spicy rice cakes to the left, and K-pop street fashion to the right. That’s the beauty of the neighbourhood, says Park Geunha of ...
  10. Remarkable Living Gastronomy Sydney Fish Josh Niland HERO

    Fish liver on toast and swordfish bacon: Dining in the 'fish eatery' of Sydney

    Josh Niland, chef-owner of Saint Peter, is encouraging diners to expand their culinary horizons when it comes to all things fish. As in all of the ...