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  1. Denim for SEXY BUTT Main

    The denim guide: How to make your butt look amazing in jeans

    Big butt? Flat butt? No more buts when it comes to finding the cheekiest pair of jeans that’ll work for you.
  2. Denim for THUNDER THIGHS main

    The denim guide: Score the perfect pair of jeans to slim down thunder thighs

    The right jeans are a lightning-fast way to gain more gazelle-like gams.
  3. Denim for Chubby main illustration

    The denim guide: How to find the perfect pair of plus-size jeans

    If you’re a little (or a lot) on the chubby side, the right pair of jeans can help you look slimmer, no diet required.
  4. Denim for shorties main illustration

    The denim guide: Tips for short people to find the perfect pair of jeans

    In this edition of CNA Lifestyle's guide to good jeans, practical advice for both guys and girls to give the illusion of extra height – and what ...
  5. Desmond Tan Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh Men Spring Summer 2019 CNA Lifestyle

    Desmond Tan and other Singapore stars descend on Louis Vuitton's ode to Oz

    Virgil Abloh's first menswear collection for the French luxury fashion house has just landed in glorious Wizard Of Oz-inspired technicolour.
  6. Men's scents that will get you laid MAIN

    Men: Very handy advice on picking a scent that women will love on you

    Your outfit might be dapper and your hair is looking sharp – but if you're not smelling good, you're not going to have any luck with the ladies.
  7. how to take care of white sneakers rain stains CNA Lifestyle

    Caught in the rain? Here's how to keep your white sneakers in pristine condition

    Clean them, and get rid of scuffs and markings on different materials, from canvas to leather and suede.
  8. Leica camera Huawei Mate 20 Pro series triple lenses CNA Lifestyle 1

    Leica on Huawei collab: ‘By far the best phone camera system we’ve ever had’

    As CNA Lifestyle discovers in London, the Huawei Mate 20 Smartphone Series features triple Leica lenses and innovative camera functions boosted by ...
  9. Huawei Mate 20 Plus series launch singapore wide

    First look at Huawei’s ‘higher intelligence’ Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro smartphones at London global launch

    CNA Lifestyle gets a preview of the Huawei Mate 20 Smartphone Series, featuring the world’s first 7nm Mobile AI chipset, as well as a Porsche ...
  10. riccardo tisi madonna beyonce rihanna burberry 2

    Influencing the influential: The man who has Rihanna, Madonna and Beyonce selling for him

    Riccardo Tisci's famous friends are throwing their weight (and fan base) behind him, following his move from Givenchy to Burberry.