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  1. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong speaks to the media

    Next Budget will be ‘strong, suitable to the state of the world and what the Singapore economy needs’: PM Lee

    The Government is working on a Budget for next year which will be strong and suitable to what the Singapore economy needs, given the state of the ...
  2. The logo of Hyundai Motor is pictured at the second media day for the Shanghai auto show

    Hyundai Motor to invest US$1.55 billion in first Indonesia car plant

    South Korea's Hyundai Motor said on Tuesday (Nov 26) it has signed a preliminary deal to build a new factory in Indonesia, which would be its ...
  3. Overcast skyline in Singapore

    Commentary: Can the RCEP save the Singapore economy?

    While the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is unlikely to add to Singapore’s trade numbers in the short term, it will be a boon for the ...
  4. North Korea rejects invitation to attend ASEAN-Korea summit | Video
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    North Korea rejects invitation to attend ASEAN-Korea summit | Video

    North Korea rejected an invitation for its leader Kim Jong Un to attend a planned summit in Busan with Southeast Asian nations next week. South ...
  5. More ASEAN nationals living in South Korea | Video
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    More ASEAN nationals living in South Korea | Video

    More ASEAN nationals are living in South Korea ... and trade between the regional bloc and the country hit a record US$160 billion last year. It's ...
  6. CCS interview nov 11

    Economic growth and environmental protection not mutually exclusive: Chan Chun Sing

  7. Delegates had hoped to sign the world's biggest trade deal on the sidelines of the ASEAN summit

    Commentary: India's RCEP exit is a setback, but not a disaster

    With an India–China deadlock out of the way, the path to finalise the historic regional trade agreement is clear, says the Perth USAsia Centre's ...
  8. PM Lee Hsien Loong and PM Narendra Modi at the ASEAN Summit

    Commentary: Why India walked away from Asia’s mega free trade deal

    Fears of predatory trade practices and the lack of competitive export-oriented industries have driven India to opt out of the RCEP, says Sreeram ...