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  1. FILE PHOTO: Man holds laptop computer as cyber code is projected on him in this illustration picture

    Cyber pirates hack French foreign ministry webpage

  2. Quora

    Quora hit by security breach, 100 million users affected

  3. File photo state courts 2

    223 State Courts online case files accessed without authorisation due to loophole

  4. mike pence and pm lee

    US, Singapore to collaborate on cybersecurity for ASEAN

  5. FILE PHOTO: Japan's new Olympic Minister Sakurada arrives at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's

    Japan cybersecurity and Olympics minister - "I've never used a computer"

    Japan's recently appointed cybersecurity and Olympics minister has told parliament he has never used a computer in his life, though he is ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: Man types on computer keyboard in this illustration picture taken

    Commentary: Deepfakes, the future of video manipulation and election hacking

    Deepfake videos have the potential to do tremendous harm and destroy public trust - when they can be fabricated to show people making inflammatory ...
  7. Singapore-Canada MOU signing

    Singapore, Canada agree to boost cybersecurity cooperation

  8. singhealth

    SingHealth COI: IHiS’ systems were built for business efficiency instead of security, says CSA chief

    While IHiS has done well in implementing technological advances to a large healthcare system, it did not pay enough attention to potential cyber ...