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    Belgian cybersecurity agency finds no threat from Huawei

  2. Huawei

    EU presents plan for safe 5G amid Huawei suspicions

  3. FILE PHOTO: A surveillance camera is seen in front of Huawei logo outside its factory campus in Don

    EU demands scrutiny of 5G risks but no bloc-wide Huawei ban

    EU nations will be required to share data on 5G cybersecurity risks and produce measures to tackle them by the end of the year, the European ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: A 3-D printed Huawei logo is seen in front of displayed 5G words in this illustration

    Exclusive: EU to drop threat of Huawei ban but wants 5G risks monitored - sources

    The European Commission will next week urge EU countries to share more data to tackle cybersecurity risks related to 5G networks but will ignore U.S.
  5. Worker checks ballot papers printed for upcoming Indonesian presidential election in Jakarta

    Indonesia says cyber attacks won't disrupt elections

    Presidential and legislative polls in Indonesia next month are not at risk of disruption from cyber attacks, the head of the election commission ...
  6. Woman visits the Huawei Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels

    Huawei calls for common cybersecurity standards amidst concerns

    Huawei, in the spotlight over the security risks of its telecom equipment gear, urged governments, the telecoms industry and regulators on Tuesday ...