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  1. Father's Day feasts

    Father's Day feasts: Leave restaurants to the eager crowds, order in instead

    This Father's Day comes with the good news that we can eat out, albeit in groups of no more than five. But as restaurants recalibrate, why not ...
  2. Virus threatens Chinese Tradition of Chopsticks

    Virus threatens Chinese traditions of chopsticks and family-style meals

    China’s government is promoting using serving utensils to help curb spreading the coronavirus, but resistance is strong – sharing food with ...
  3. A singer Cernisova looks at her tablet during a rehearsal online via Zoom platform in Riga

    Commentary: The weekly Zoom family quiz night - the best thing, yet also the worst idea

    Our new weekly get-together leads to more questions than answers, says the Financial Times' Robert Shrimsley.
  4. Dior Colouring Book

    Stay home weekend: Dior’s colouring book will keep the family entertained

    Need an activity to fill up your time while hunkering down at home? Get the family together for a fun colouring activity, courtesy of Dior.
  5. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: If mums are amazing, why do some workplaces discriminate against pregnant women?

    Extending protection even after maternity leave and strengthening wrongful dismissal penalties would be good first steps to making workplaces ...
  6. Home Luxury Spa

    What to do this weekend: Treat yourself (or your partner) to a spa day at home

    From LED light therapy face masks to milk baths a la Cleopatra, here’s our self-pampering guide to rejuvenating your mind and body for the next 24 ...
  7. Wedding ring

    Law passed to allow virtual marriage solemnisations during COVID-19 period

  8. Cheryl Wee

    How ‘mumpreneur’ Cheryl Wee juggles multiple roles during circuit breaker

    Society fixture, mother-of-two, and founder of weight management firm Cheryl W, Cheryl Wee is expanding her company’s online presence and finding ...