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  1. Mick Schumacher, 19, is the reigning European Formula 3 champion.

    Mick Schumacher joins Ferrari Driver Academy

    Mick Schumacher, the teenage son of seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher, has joined Ferrari's Driver Academy, the Italian ...
  2. OTRD We are family follow-up

    For three families who broke our viewers' hearts, an outpouring of help

    Their stories about their struggle against rare disabilities struck a chord with readers and viewers, who responded with offers of help of various ...
  3. newborn, baby hands

    Commentary: The year of trials and tribulations, as the parent of a newborn

    It will be normal to feel lost and helpless at multiple points, so give yourself permission to feel those things, says mother June Yong.
  4. There's no cure for the 34-year-old mum's condition, save the love for her son to overcome the odds.

    She loses her fingers and toes, but not the will to fight for her son

    Zakiah has a rare disease that blocks blood flow to her arms and legs, and leaves her in pain. But she is determined to be a good mother, even if ...
  5. Travel with Senior Parents (Cat Cat Village, Vietnam)

    Everything you need to know before travelling with your senior parents

    Going on that holiday with mum and dad need not be (that) stressful. Here are 11 things you need to keep in mind.
  6. Two of Mdm Carolyn Quek's boys suffer from a rare immune deficiency, and one son has autism.

    Love, unconditionally: Life as a mum raising 3 children with special needs

    Her children may look normal, but they have invisible disabilities. On The Red Dot finds out what it takes to care for them when even loose soil ...
  7. Adoptees 1

    Sisters adopted by different families reunited after 50 years, search on for 5 more siblings

    Adopted by another family shortly after she was born, Mdm Parameswari Govindasamy thought she was an only child. But with one phone call, she ...
  8. OTRD We are the Pohan family main

    The struggle to bring up Tamimi, a 13-year-old with brittle bone disease

    What does it take to care for a child with disability, when even an act of holding him too hard would break his bones? On The Red Dot takes an ...