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  1. muesli breakfast

    Commentary: Chronic constipation is common but can be improved

    Constipation is more common in older adults and in women going through hormonal changes, says an expert.
  2. What’s In My Processed Food? (Part 1)
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    Ep 38: What’s In My Processed Food? (Part 1)

    Do you know what's in the fisballs you eat? Talking Point travels to Vietnam to track down the source of a key ingredient and finds out if our ...
  3. Comprised of a vat of soup at the centre of a table, hotpot is a deeply communal dish

    Hotpot restaurants fall victim to coronavirus fears in Hong Kong

    Hotpot has become the latest casualty of the coronavirus outbreak after ten members of a family in Hong Kong became infected after sharing the ...
  4. New Content Item
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    Ep 6: Hong Kong

    Aun Koh navigates the tightly-packed city of Hong Kong to uncover an exotic snake dish and a secret custard called the Egg Opera. He discovers ...
  5. FILE PHOTO:  A Foodora delivery cyclist poses in front of Delivery Hero headquarters in Berlin

    Delivery Hero expects Europe to remain break-even in 2020

    Delivery Hero expects its Europe business to remain break-even during 2020 after hitting this mark, as forecast, in the fourth-quarter of 2019, ...