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  1. Honey

    Premium New Zealand honey producer admits adding chemicals: Media

  2. Hero

    Visiting Scandinavia? Make a pitstop in Helsinki, its new gastronomic destination

    Helsinki has been slower to the Nordic revolution that has turned Copenhagen and Stockholm into global culinary destinations. But a new breed of ...
  3. Ce La Vi Hero

    What happens when you pit a Master Sommelier against a Master of Wine

    Why, you get a boozy showdown, of course. But a rather civilised one, with party guests voting for their favourite wines picked by each professional.
  4. Baker's Brew Studio fined

    Baker's Brew Studio fined for operating kitchen without licence

  5. Unique Food Trails Ming Tan in Mongolia HERO 2

    Unique food trails: Ming Tan sniffs out Mongolia's meat markets

    While in the Mongolian capital for business, Chef Ming Tan of Jam at Siri House got more than what he signed up for.
  6. Brunch

    Commentary: Can eating certain foods make you smarter?

    A healthy diet is not only the key to maintaining physical health; it also plays a critical role in our cognitive functions, the University of New ...
  7. Jasni 1

    A taste of home: The expat Singaporeans cooking up a storm to feed foreigners with authentic dishes

    Step aside, Singapore Noodles. Some overseas Singaporeans are on a mission to introduce authentic local cuisine to their host countries.
  8. Instant cup noodle

    Commentary: How instant noodles became a symbol of workaholics everywhere

    Originally invented to solve world hunger, the humble instant ramen has come to represent sustenance for those who are too busy to eat proper ...