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  1. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Groceries

    When COVID-19 hit, our supermarkets buckled under the weight of unprecedented demand. In this episode, Chef Ming finds out whether it's time to ...
  2. Premium Korean produce

    Are gourmet Korean ingredients the next big thing in the culinary scene?

    You already know all about top-quality French, Japanese and Italian ingredients. Now, get a head-start on what might just be the next buzzworthy ...
  3. Who are the Indian chefs shaking up Bangkok’s dining scene?

    Who are the Indian chefs shaking up Bangkok’s dining scene?

    In the Thai capital, pioneers like Deepanker Khosla, Garima Arora and Hari Nayak are following in Gaggan Anand’s trailblazing footsteps to take ...
  4. Wildseed Cafe Alkaff Lisbon Cupcake

    The Alkaff Mansion to turn into Money Heist mansion this Halloween

    On Halloween weekend, Netflix’s legendary TV show Money Heist will take over dining destination The Alkaff Mansion. And the spooky celebrations ...
  5. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Farms

    Chef Ming Tan finds out why Singapore's farmers need to grow more food, and discovers a burgeoning agri-tech industry. But why are the millions ...
  6. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Old Tastes

    Succulent cuttlefish transformed from its cardboard, sun-dried self and artisanal hand-stuffed Chinese sausages bursting at the seams. Take a peek ...
  7. Damon and Jake Wong

    The Cameron Highlands farmers supplying ethical, organic produce to Singapore

    A collective of farmers growing cold-climate European herbs, vegetables and edible flowers in Cameron Highlands, Weeds & More is proving that ...
  8. Concern over antibiotic resistance may see consumers and farmers turn to other ways of rearing fowl.

    Antibiotics in chicken a cause for concern? And five other questions about poultry today

    There are many chicken products today, but the labels can often be misleading. The programme Talking Point investigates the meaty issues here, ...