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  1. Edible insects 1

    Food of the future? Five-star edible insects served up as Thailand gets creative with bug business

    With concerns being raised about the environmental impact of relying on traditional meats as a source of protein, attention is being turned to ...
  2. Wattana Panich restaurant

    Beef noodle soup that's been simmering for 40 years delivers a taste of old Thailand

    At this beef noodle shop in Bangkok, you can order a bowl of soup that is more than 40 years old.
  3. Raw meat butcher file photo

    Can we eat meat and still tame global warming?

  4. Vegan burger

    Plant-based diet can help fight climate change: UN report

    The way the world manages land, produces and eats food has to change to curb global warming or food security, health and biodiversity will be at ...
  5. front view on ntuc fairprice vivo

    NTUC FairPrice opens largest hypermart and pharmacy in bid to rival online grocers

  6. pakistan tea

    Smoky tea baked in clay: Tandoori chai heats up Pakistan

  7. What Singapore’s top chefs are buying at Culina

    Aspiring home cooks, here’s what Singapore’s top chefs are buying at Culina

    The grocery shopping list of local chefs and foodies might surprise you.
  8. Japanese food in Brazil

    Japanese with a tropical touch: The nikkei food scene in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Brazil is home to an estimated 1.9 million nikkei (descendants of Japanese immigrants), and Sao Paulo has 900 Japanese restaurants serving 500,000 ...