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  1. Grab US SPAC Merger

    Commentary: SPACs are all the rage now but few aware of hidden dangers

    Retail investors are tempted to put some money into the next Facebook or Google, in the hope of striking it rich but St James’s Place Wealth ...
  2. sea tech composite

    Commentary: Why Grab, Gojek, Tokopedia and Sea are the new darlings of US markets

    Several factors point to a growth story that could make Southeast Asian Tech the darling of Wall Street, says INSEAD Associate Professor of ...
  3. A day in the life of a Grab delivery rider

    A tale of unlikely brotherhood

    A mutually supportive network of bikers, merchants and consumers keeps this delivery rider going
  4. A man walks past a Grab office in Singapore

    Commentary: Why Grab is in such a rush to get listed

    CEO Anthony Tan is in a rush to build Grab into a super app and achieve profitability, and the company’s listings will help him do that without ...
  5. SGX moves to create SPAC listing framework | Video
    Media playtime

    SGX moves to create SPAC listing framework | Video

    Strong investor appetite is being tipped for Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) listings if they launch in Singapore, said experts as the ...
  6. Grab US SPAC Merger

    Commentary: Grab’s blockbuster deal comes at questionable time for SPAC market

    Some special acquisition purpose company deals are genuinely innovative, but others feel like the last days of a bubble, says the Financial Times’ ...