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  1. Ep 1
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    Ep 1: Refuelling Energy

    Switching to cleaner energy can be daunting but people and enterprises that traditionally partner the oil & gas industry are pioneering projects ...
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    Greening The Net

    Life has gotten more digital than ever before. But when it comes to greenhouse gases, the Internet is responsible for 2% of global emissions. What ...
  3. Ep 9
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    Ep 9: Green Wheels In Motion

    2040 is Singapore's deadline to phase out internal combustion engines. Right now, only about five per cent of vehicles in Singapore are "green" - ...
  4. TCC Artwork
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    Feeding the planet and heating it up: how agriculture impacts our environment | EP 5

    This week Jaime Ho talks to Janice Lee about what we eat, how we eat and the impact these decisions have on the environment and climate change. We ...
  5. The Climate Conversations podcast thumbnail
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    When it comes to climate change, why is CO2 public enemy number one? | EP 2

    This week Jaime Ho talks to Dr Benjamin Horton about a gas that is critically linked to climate change. It is what we produce as humans, ...
  6. Burps to burgers: global food companies wrangle cattle emissions problem

    Burps to burgers: Food companies wrangle climate-warming cattle emissions

    Looking to improve milk production, California farmer John Verwey turned to a Swiss-made feed additive designed to make a cow more efficient while ...
  7. A number of oil and gas companies have pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2050

    Satellites reveal major new gas industry methane leaks

    Last fall, European Space Agency satellites detected huge plumes of the invisible planet-warming gas methane leaking from the Yamal pipeline that ...