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  1. New Content Item

    Healthcare not very green compared to other industries

  2. Medical Fair Asia Demo Main

    Navigating the next healthcare bend: Medical Fair Asia 2018

    This year’s edition of the exhibition, into its 12th, aims to connect tech and human for a new healthcare future
  3. vitamins

    Malaysia's health ministry contemplating medicine price control

  4. Blood pressure medication

    China heart drug sold globally may have had impurity since 2012

    A common blood pressure and heart drug manufactured in bulk by a Chinese company and sold worldwide may have contained an impurity linked to ...
  5. Dr Kira Radinsky, chief scientist at eBay Israel

    Digital triage and data-driven decisions in defence, this eBay data scientist is doing them all

    Dr Kira Radinsky has helped predict global events like epidemics using data, saw her start-up bought over by e-commerce giant eBay and now ...
  6. punggol poly

    Punggol Polyclinic pilots follow-up care for new mothers, opens eye clinic

  7. senior citizens doing taichi

    Commentary: A bold vision of happy housing options for Singapore’s seniors

    Singapore has a vision of becoming a world-class city and an endearing home. These high standards that we demand from our quality of life must be ...
  8. New Content Item

    Addenda to President’s Address: More help for patients, health professionals to make better medical decisions

  9. france ambulance

    Outcry in France over woman's death after scorned emergency call