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  1. Marriage

    Commentary: How do you know if it's time to get married?

    Nobody wants to settle, says psychology professor at Monmouth University Gary W Lewandowski Jr.
  2. Same-sex couple Yoko Ogawa and Chizuka Oe displaying their marriage registration form

    Japan gay couples seek marriage rights in Valentine's lawsuit

    Chizuka Oe and Yoko Ogawa have been together for 25 years, but when they submitted their marriage registration at a Tokyo town hall, they knew it ...
  3. Father daughter family Singapore

    Commentary: When your friends become dads and you're still a bachelor

    An epiphany of my thirties — I don’t have to lose my friends with children, says the Financial Times' Janan Ganesh.
  4. Skyville @ Dawson

    Commentary: Succeed in your career, settle down, buy a BTO. Is this Singaporean dream outdated?

    Finding love in Singapore can be a challenge when societal expectations get in the way, says Marcus Neo.
  5. A couple holding hands.

    Commentary: Humour the secret ingredient to a happy, lasting marriage

    The way you and your partner use humour can shape your relationship, and even break it up, says one Aberystwyth University observer.
  6. LGBT supporters cry after losing the referendum in Taipei

    Taiwan voters set to block same-sex marriage in referendum

    Taiwan voters were set to back a referendum that defines marriage as between a man and a woman, dealing a blow to the self-ruled island's ...
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: Does being smart and successful lower your chances of getting married?

    Our attitudes towards Mr or Ms Right are filtered through the lens of social norms, says one observer.
  8. Sultan of Selangor

    Selangor's Sultan gives consent to raising legal marrying age to 18

  9. indonesia rupiah coin

    Indonesian man pays US$10,000 to ex-wife ... in coins