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  1. Belinda Lee gets married

    Commentary: What’s wrong with being a single woman?

    Belinda Lee’s wedding is to be celebrated but surely happiness and personal fulfillment must be found from within, rather than a legal attachment ...
  2. I married a hologram wife (A Japanese bachelor's tale)
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    I married a hologram wife (A Japanese bachelor's tale)

    How does sex figure in a marriage to a virtual spouse? Akihiko Kondo is among 3,700 people who believe that artificial intelligence can replace ...
  3. Mother-in-law and married couple

    Commentary: The Dragon Mother-in-law and the First Son Syndrome

    The hereditary locked-horn battle between a woman and the mother of her husband has never really gone away even in modern times, says prominent ...
  4. Wedding ring

    Number of citizen marriages in Singapore lowest since 2013

  5. A Saudi woman walks with her luggage at King Fahd International Airport

    Saudi Arabia implements end to travel restrictions for Saudi women

  6. wedding, marriage, heterosexual couple

    Marriage and divorce rates down in 2018

  7. Woman speaking to a colleague in the office.

    Commentary: Be concerned about unhealthy mindsets about dating and marriage, not fewer babies

    Inconsistent messaging about dating, practical constraints and overconfidence may have been the reasons behind delayed childbearing, says the Lee ...
  8. proposal 2

    Would you pay thousands for professional help to ask ‘Will you marry me’? Some people say ‘I do’

    There is an increasing trend of men seeking the help of professionals to propose to their significant others, with some spending thousands of dollars.
  9. More South Koreans opt to raise pets instead of marriage and babies | Video
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    More South Koreans opt to raise pets instead of marriage and babies | Video

    More young South Koreans are not getting married these days. And even if they do, many say they are probably not going to be parents and have ...
  10. couple man and woman socialising flirting at a cafe

    The Big Read: Fast love – dating apps help busy Singaporeans find almost instant romance

    Dating apps simply provide a practical and useful channel to connect potential soul mates, many couples who found love through technology say.