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  1. FILE PHOTO: India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at the parliament house to attend the

    India's Modi to hold first talks with Kashmir leaders since removal of autonomy

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold face-to-face talks with top political leaders from Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday, the first such ...
  2. India's COVID Catastrophe
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    Ep 9: India's COVID Catastrophe

    Can India face down and recover from the gravest threat to its survival?
  3. FILE PHOTO: The Whatsapp logo and binary cyber codes are seen in this illustration

    Indian government exceeded powers with encryption-breaking rule - WhatsApp filing

    India's government exceeded its legal powers by enacting rules that companies such as WhatsApp say will force them to break end-to-end message ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: The Twitter logo displayed on a screen on the floor of the NYSE

    Indian police visit Twitter office to serve notice about inquiry

    Indian police said on Monday they visited a Twitter office to serve notice to its country managing director about an investigation into the social ...
  5. APTOPIX Virus Outbreak India

    Indian industry body urges curbs to economic activity to save lives

    A leading Indian industry body urged authorities to take the "strongest national steps" and to curtail economic activity to save lives on Sunday ...
  6. Virus Outbreak India

    Commentary: How did India go from exporting vaccines to reeling from COVID-19?

    With more than 300,000 new cases a day and the death toll evidently much higher than reported, India is no one’s idea of a global leader, says ...
  7. A man carrying wood walks past the funeral pyres at a crematorium in New Delhi

    US pledges sustained help for India in tackling COVID-19 crisis

    Senior US officials on Tuesday (Apr 27) pledged sustained support for India in helping it deal with the world's worst current surge of COVID-19 ...