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  1. Doctors, nurses, delivery drivers and other coronavirus frontline workers have been attacked and

    India's COVID-19 heroes come under attack

    They have been hailed as India's coronavirus "heroes", but doctors, nurses, delivery drivers and other frontline workers have been attacked and in ...
  2. People buy vegetables at a market after India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a nati

    India struggles with coronavirus shutdown; Pakistan cases hit 1,000

    Indians crowded grocery stores and chemists on Wednesday in a struggle for essential items after Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a total ...
  3. The 15th India-EU summit has been postponed due to the coronavirus

    India-EU summit postponed due to coronavirus

    An India-EU summit scheduled for March 13 in Brussels has been postponed because of the coronavirus, New Delhi said Thursday.
  4. India has stepped up precautions against the coronavirus after more cases were detected

    India's Modi to go into virus lockdown for Holi festival

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Wednesday he will stay away from celebrations during one of the country's biggest festivals as ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: An aerial view of the Delhi skyline shrouded in smog, in New Delhi

    Commentary: India is facing twin economic and political crises

    The growth slowdown in India has been dramatic, while politics takes an aggressively disturbing turn, says the Financial Times' Martin Wolf.